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Kara! I just wanted to say thank you so much for your beautiful gallery comment! You are just the sweetest.


As I wonder through your incredible gallery, I just have to say.... I think you are perfection, just WOW. 


I love absolutely everything you make. It's all so crisp and clear and the colouring on everything is to die for. ❤️ 


You know I'll be back so please make more stuff asap ;)


niika ❤️

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Kara! Long time no talk :)


Your gallery is gorgeous as always! I especially love the "I wanna be free" sig, as well as the "set in stone" and "gone girl" banners! Your shiny coloring is just so perfect, and I'm obsessed!


<3, Ashley


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Bex - Wow I'm sorry did you just compliment my stock use ??? I am deceased. That means so much coming from the stock queen herself. I used to be all about stock but it's soo out of my comfort zone now so this is very encouraging thank you! Also I never know what I'm doing so I am super flattered my style reminds you of anything at all. I definitely have always loved magazine/editorial vibes! Ok sorry I am def rambling now and this reply is so beyond late but THANK YOU. I adore you. I would die for you. I miss you. Hope you are well. Love you forever!!! xo


Niika - Ahhhh thank you, Niika! You are so sweet!! Always nice to hear such lovely things from one of the OGs. Your continued support means so much, and I'm so sorry you had to witness so much of the atrocities I used to make lmao and thank you for always inspiring me with your beauties!


Ashley - !!!!!!!! WELL HELLO THERE! Speaking of OGs!! I am so glad to see you! Hope life is treating you well! Thank you so much Ashley <333 I'm so bad with compliments but seriously it means so much to me that you like those pieces and my coloring and that you came to let me know and I'm off to stalk you right back !!!


(I use too many exclamation points and I am not sorry!!!)

p.s. this is my second and final year of grad school so I definitely have no time in my life but I kinda want to make things again and be creative so you MAY see some new things.....at some point.....no promises 

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