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hi, it's been a while. i'd like to blow the rust off my ps skills so here i am :)













jumbo tsui, steven gomillion, dennis leupold


textures / stock

yellowlemon ,  thelionsbride , vanya's stock pack , maeappleseed









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my enya darling, i am so ridiculously happy to see your gallery again :3 i love you and your graphics so much. your colouring is stupendous as always, and i am in love with [this] and [this]. if only everyone sharpened like you do!! and of course, your blends are fab too. you make me miss inception days :c


i'mma be on you for updates tho i ain't even gonna lie, and we are going to venture into banner land one day


love you


also jsyk we've known each other nearly eight years now. that's almost a decade jfc

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Enyaaaaa oh my god I have missed you and your graphics so much!! Ahhhh so happy.

You are absolutely and totally brilliant. +this is absolutely stunning! I'm so in love! <3

The textures look sooo good, the coloring is insane, and it's just so so so amazing.

+this too absolutely blows my mind. The composition and text look AMAZING.

Everything in here is brilliant. Your coloring rocks, your composition is perfect, you are perfect.

Basically, you are a graphic goddess forever and ever and I'm so glad you are back :loves::loves:


Please keep making more! TDA is incomplete without all your awesome graphics everywhere!

(We all know Ayesha seriously won't leave you alone otherwise :P)

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Guest dehlles

Hey Enya! Long time no see! <3


Your graphics are amazing still! Your blending though :wub:


I love your sigs and your blends the most! And your coloring is superb. :D



I'll be on the lookout for your updates! :3



- Asphodel

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Hey, Enya! :dumbles: :edward:
Your gallery is gorgeous, I'll bet you shake that rust right off. My absolute favorites are +this and THIS. The comp is so creative, you're blowin' my mind!
I'm also really digging your texture use, it's not too subtle, and not too overpowering. I'd love to see you put some banners or icons in here eventually :D
Keep updating for us!
-Ash :hug:

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ayesha. look at me, i ventured into banner land how proud are u right now huh?? also thank you for kicking me into making my gallery again and telling me to make graphics lmao. ilu loads tbh.

kara. holy moly it's been a while! kara i'm so happy to see you back (remember hubert??) and to see your beautiful graphics again; thank you so much for this lovely comment as well, it means a whole lot! :333

alishya. yesss it was about time lmao. thank you bae, you're too sweet.

slytherinchica. thank you, that's really kind :33

ashley. especially for u, a banner ;D also icons will follow. thank you so much though, all these kind comments make me want to keep going again <3

UPDATE: added a banner awyis.

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I'm competitive. The fact i'm sixth pains me greatly.


Your graphics are winning at life, blends especially are very next level.

I enjoy the fact I can stalk your gallery now lol. Seriously everything in

here is brilliant! ^_^


also, we need to catch up!


ohhh and i found hubert the other day lmao.

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should i redelete and repost so you can have first? :P i feel like ayesha'd literally kill me, though. anyway, i've always admired your graphics, jacinta and i'm glad to see you around again as well :33 'least i got ya on aim now, huh? also remember the ode you wrote for hubert once? xD

ilu <3

updated; two chapter images and one signature

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I'm on the first page so I'm content with that :sean:


I came here because I saw +this chapter image in a request you filled and

absolutely had to come tell you I think it's perfect. It's simple and detailed

and that composition is just wow. I also love yellow.


and also +this blend is awesome. so awesome.


- kate :loves:


ps. whatever tumblr blog has +this as it's theme background, I kind of feel

like I need to visit asap.

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Hello. I'm just staring at your gallery right now. Everything in it is so very, very pretty, really!

I love your blends, especially the 'Dream a little bigger' one and the 'I have seen the war' one.

I love the blending on your first chapter image too. It's really pretty!

I can't wait for more updates, because I shall most certainly be back!

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the men. the sexy men. all the men.




you have such good choice in men, enya. i approve.


in all seriousness, though, i love your style and always have.

the simplicity, natural colours, insane and creative composition,

absolutely everything is so unique and so enya. i absolutely

love your use of negative space, too.


i think my favourites in here are 2nd sig, hard rain sig, veins

banner and both blends. and yes, i do realise i've just named

three quarters of your gallery. XD


please never stop making graphics! promo buddies 4 lyf!


xo jordan

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haha sorry for being so late

kate. i'm actually proud of that one! so thank you very much for saying that, it's really appreciated :33 also ahahaha, i made it for a friend of mine who roleplays as the xenomorph. here [m]. ;D

blob. i just want to say i love saying your username it's such a funny word. thank you! looking forward to seeing you back because i updated with icons (legasp) and a banner (legasp x 2)!!

jordan. qbfhqjsfhbsqhf joooooordan hi, hello it's been so long. ahaha, i'm glad you approve, means more people for me to bother so they can drool with me over all the deliciousness. awh, thank you so much, though, that means a whole lot coming from you!! promo buddies 4 lyf indeed ;D

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ok if this wasn't a family friendly forum i'd be all up in your grill right now






I scrolled up to +here and then I think I started crying



what is your comp

what is your colouring

what is your everything

this is insane i'm SO MAD


*boy george voice*

do u really want to hurt me? do u really want to make me cry?

sound familiar? :P


i hate you so much

(I love you so much)


pls make moar so i can inhale them


luff u,


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You make me want to watch Justified again so bad!!! All the sexyyyyyyyyy!


But also Enya you always make simple look so complicated and good and I love your pretty shiny style. And your pretty shiny men. And your pretty shiny self.


and this is the second time I've posted in one of your galleries in less than a month. It makes me happy ^_^

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so this is super duper late wow, i'm so sorry.


vee. u wanna fite me mate?! no but your comment sorta made me cry. in like, a good way. i made a banner? pls be proud of me, it's been forever.


sami. JUSTIFIED. YES WATCH IT AGAIN. PLS CRY WITH ME OVER IT. tim is my fave. you're also my fave.


haha, lookit a banner!!

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enya this looks incredible! you already know that the third image is my all time favorite, the use of the 'bisexual lighting' is absolutely spectacular! everything about it is so appeasing to look at, i'm absolutely in love with it! and the sebastian stan banner, that one i haven't seen yet! i love the coloring you chose for it, the burnt orange with the lightening you did showing up in the font colors you chose is such excellent taste! i can't believe how talented you are!!  🥰

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