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Holy halloumi. I logged into TDA after ages (really, ages), went to the PYLC thread to see what the good folks are up to these days, and who do I see but the one and only Enya of Mercury days fame? Dear Queen Enya, you are still as talented as ever. I see some new shinies that make me so happy and some old ones that fill me with a wonderful nostalgia. Those banners. I want to write fanfic again just so I can request you to make some graphics for me. 


I tried to find a glomp emoji but I can't. Are the days of glomping behind us?


Hope you're well, miss you! — Meghna

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HOLY CANOLI!!  honestly, when i saw your comment, i was just beaming from ear to ear. everything about this place fills me with nostalgia despite the shiny new appearance and to see some other oldies check in from time to time bring me great joy.  i only joined back start of april after like four years of absence so guess we seem to have great timing seeing each other again :D 


meghna, i missed you too & i'm so glad you're doing well. you know i'd make you banners and sigs any day ❤️ thanks for your kind words.  and we may not have a glomp emoji, but know that i will always glomp you in spirit regardless all day every day hehe





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