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[c1][COMPLETED][Awaiting Pickup][Being Filled][open]Banner for a Time Turner gone wrong fic please!

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Story Title: Time Turner Troubles
Link to your Story: http://www.harrypotterfanfiction.com/viewstory.php?psid=334005
Would You Like Your Penname on the Banner?: Yes please! BBWotter
Have You Requested This Banner Before?: No.

Other Characters to Include (Canon or Original): None.

Other Images You Would Like: I would like a time-turner.
Quotes to use on Banner: No Quote.

Color Preferences: I would like on half of the banner to be gold and for it to gradually become darker as you go across.

Mood of Your Story: Its pretty light hearted and funny! But there will be some darker parts which is why i want the banner colours to transition from Gold to Black.

Animation? If yes, How? Animation would be lovely but not essential. If the sand in the time turner could be moving that would be great.

Additional Information: It's possible that I'm being unhelpfully vague but I would like to give the artist free reign with this one. I don't want any specific characters or anything.

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Alright! So this is what I came up with and I hope you like it. Please Rehost and credit, otherwise feel free to ask for any changes or re-open.



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