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The Dark Arts

still got luv 4 leg0las

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I like the title of dis

I love u 2



(she's gorg I cry)


also omg freda ily ily ily lyiy this gallery is perfection

your colouring is perfection

you comp is amazing

your style is gorgeous



teach me how to be you

my life goal is to be you


dude I've missed you so much leg0las_luvr (the drunken mistakes STAY FOREVER)

I hope this means you're coming back? bc you're literal perfection and TDA has missed u ;_;




aka vee :wub:

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i'm in love with your gallery :wub: can i marry it? :P


but seriously, you're awesome and your style is really unique and amazing. i'm glad you're (kind of??) back ^_^


since i'm a famous lover of all things dark, my favourite thing is definitely this++ :drop:

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Oh my gosh, I can't handle this many pretties all at once. :drop:
Wow, everything here is just gorgeous!!! Your comp and coloring is so flawless!

Your style is so perf I have no words. :wub:

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I will be back as soon as I'm done awe-ing over the pretties :loves:


Your colouring is quite possibly some of the prettiest I've ever seen! :drop: Your entire gallery is so amazing, and honestly, save some talent for the rest of us!!! We're dying over here!!!


this+ is just gorgeous. I. can't. even. I'm. dead. The comp, the colouring, the text, the literal eVERYTHING OH MY GOSH.


Okay. I will most definitely be back.


Congrats on finding a new gallery stalker.

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Duuuuuuuuuuuude, :drop:


Your colouring and style is just as on point as ever. I'd forgotten how amazing you are until I spotted your stuff in the squee thread, and decided I had to totally track you down.


The way you blend your yellow tones, with pinks and blues and purples, just absolutely astounds me, in addition to how fantastic your composition and depth and text skills are.



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soooo not sure how i haven't seen your gallery before with all my lurking of the veteran artist galleries and with the new graphics you've been posting around but just wanted to come and leave a quick comment to say that your work is STUNNING. when the page loaded i had intended to leave a more detailed post with more specifics but i'm not really trying to write the great american novel here so WOW i just love everything. i love how you pair softer coloring with more vibrant pops of color most of all, and i love how cohesive the 7 deadly sins banner set is. 😍


can't wait to see more new stuff from you!


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well, I DID promise I'd always be a gallery stalker


hello!! I just thought I'd pop in again after seeing a few new things, because I'm still head over heels for your gallery :wub:. my favourites are this+, this+, this+, and this+, but it was hard even narrowing it down that much. your colouring is to die for and I love the softness of your style, and as someone who is certifiably terrified of big graphics, I still cannot get over that "god is a woman" blend. can't wait to see whatever you do next! 

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no lie i could look at your graphics every day and never grow tired of what i'm seeing, because i think each and every graphic in here looks absolutely phenomenal. i love how despite the vibrancy of your coloring, there's still such a soft quality to your images and the composition and use of text is just,,, yeah, i love everything. 

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