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Want to Write for the DA Digest?

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You, yes you, can write for the DA Digest! And here's how!


Each month, we have an Editor’s Column in the Digest, containing pieces written by our Digest editors! You can also submit your own pieces! If you want to make a submission, all you need to do is check below for what kind you can submit, and then PM it to a Digest Editor. Anyone can submit a piece - it really is that simple! So what kind of column pieces can you write?

General Opinion Piece (up to 500 words)

This can be about anything. You can write about TDA/graphics with an incorporation of both RL elements as well as virtual elements, but remember not to include personal info about yourself! Or you can write a general opinion piece on a topic close to your heart. The aim is to be innovative and interesting - something readers can't wait to read!


Some topic prompts are as follows:
-Tips on being in a rut
-That post-promo i-didn't-get-promoted feeling
-What's the most important part of graphicing for you
-An Ode to text



Raving Reviews (up to 300 words)

Fallen in love with a book, movie, TV series etc? Well now is your chance to share it with the TDA community. You can write a review to be featured in the monthly digest.


Submit a Recipe/Craft (up to 100 words)
Have you found a perfect recipe or craft that you want everyone to try out? Share it with us and tell us a bit about why you love it.



Theme related piece (up to 500 words)
Does the month’s theme sound fun to you? Did it spark some inspiration? Do you have some thoughts related to it that you want to share? Then we want to hear from you! 



Feature a Resource (up to 100 words)
If you’ve found a new resource that you think everyone should have, then let us know and tell us why! (this cannot be your own resource)
Remember you can claim points from the vault for submitting an article too!

So that's it! If you have any questions, please feel free to post them below.

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