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{{Constantly being updated}}


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I have returned :creepy:

So Laura....wow :drop:

your style is absolutely gorgeous - like everything is soft - but edgy

- it's like this fabulous mix of different styles into one and it's crazily amazing!


Your signatures are beaut, whilst I love all your stuff {and the blends, srsly will you teach me pls???},

your signatures are definitely my favourites - in the last one HOW DID YOU DO THE TEXT ITS PERFECT OMG


It's like, we didn't think it could get any better and then you come in with a new gallery like BAM!

new stuff - be jel....and I really am, I'm in awe of your stuff here

....so I feel like a gallery swap is in order, I mean it's fair (okay maybe not, but maybe you'll learn to love my trash) right?



Edited by beyond the rain

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ohmygod i love love love your gallery sm

your style is so <333

and the creativeness and colouring and stock + texture use <3333

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Ohhhh my god laura *_*

I thought you were perfect but now I see it's for sure. Everything in here is so so stunning, I just love how much you grow as an artist every time i see your stuff

those blends are literally the most perfect things, and I love that first banner and the second CI like that composition, my god :wub:

also plz teach me how to colour and filter because i am in love :loves:

basically, i love everything you do plz never change <3

- hannah

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Hey, Laura!! I gotta admit that I often stalk your gallery but never commented before, but here I am! :P


Everything here is so smooth and pretty omg, especially your icons set (for the love of god, i suck at making icons so yeah how come??). Your composition, filtering, and colouring skills are to be envied for tbh ugh how do you do that :o i mean seriously, please teach me, master!!


Your gallery is perfect. Nuff said. And I for sure will be coming back

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How are you so perfect?

Your graphics are so stunning. So soft yet crisp.

I love your hurricane banner and the manip you did <3

They are just ultimate perfection!

Keep it up and I cannot wait to see more graphics from you


- Gaby

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This gallery is too much!

Why everything is so perfect? I mean, look at your chapters and blends!

I think I just find a bit of inspiration here <33 I can't wait to see the next update (:

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laura !!!!!!


i mean like i know you know that your graphics brings me all sorts of tears and madness BUT THEYRE JUST so so so perfect and pretty and overall just so jkehtgihgurngren i cant put my feelings to words your graphics are gorgeous you are so gorgeous and I AM obsessed with them :edward:

i cry laura you are so :fangirl:


<33 athirah

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:drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop:

LOVE your gallery. Its just so PERFECT!!!

Your gallery honestly inspired me.

It makes me wonder why I can't be as good... :( :( :(

but honestly, keep up the good work! :D

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Hi Laura :)


You have a good eye. Your colourization and blending are amazing! You incorporate a lot of images but none of them are out of sync.



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Hiiii ummmmm I came to beg something of you which is could you plz do a tut and share some of your seecrits with the rest of us on how you do your amazeballs coloring? Like, erm, dis+ ...and dis+ .........and dis+ too.


The way you bring out the goldy-reds is just like waahh?? I try that all the time but all the faces end up looking wacked out because I've wound up putting 65 coloring layers on top of them.


No but in all srsns rn you have a really magnificent eye and I love how you create such dreamy, elegant graphics that look so simple but yet have so much depth. You are v talented my friend.


(oh and make a tut)


xx Alison

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I about died when I saw your icons. The coloring is phenomenal and let me tell you what... TEACH ME.


Your coloring ability is so pretty! I love all of your pieces pretty much!


But I'm a big sucker for all your blends!!!!


Keep making pretty things!!!

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it's been like 4 years and i'm still in awe of everything you make

and i still haven't figured out how to become you and steal all ur talent. i'm working on it. it's a WIP ;_;




you are amazing and out of this world and you never fail to inspire me whenever I'm in a rut or need an inspiration kick. you are so consistent but creative, and even though your style has evolved so much, everything you make still screams 'laura made me!' your colouring and filtering and texture use is just always freaking on point and i dont know how you do it.


keep being awesome, i love you <3 merry christmas!




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OMG Laura I had to stop by and be blown away once again by your graphics! I've gotten back from an almost year hiatus and just want to snuggle your gallery to pieces! everything is just gorgeous and beyond amazing! You never stop amazing me with your talent and creativeness, and you are always and will always be an inspiration! <3

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Hi Laura!


Just stopping by to leave you a bit of holiday love on your gallery!


First can I just say that I'm so happy you're back. You have to be one of my favorite artists. You have such a lovely style and you've made one of my absolute favorite banners on my AP as well (which is saying a lot since I have 104 of them)


I was going to start by saying that your banners are insanely good, but then I looked through the rest of your gallery and realized that pretty much everything is insanely good. It doesn't seem to matter what size graphic you're making, each one is flawless, soft, and perfectly balanced. Your coloring is gorgeous too.


One of my favorites is your Punks Don't Dance blend. I think the comp on it is really creative and I love how you did the text. It has sort of an edgy feel, which is nice because the message in the title seems to carry across the graphic. :)


Wishing you happy holidays and a new year filled with amazing things! :hug:



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I’m an old graphic designer who just got back into it. I wish I had the talent you had, dear, because your designs are gorgeous. I love the Queen, Lana Del Rey graphic and the Gemma graphic. You truly earned the title master artist.  

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YOUR GRAPHICS ARE SO LIGHT AND PRETTY! I love how even when you create something dark, it has this soft effect; it makes me want to stare at them forever. I agree with hecticglow, you truly did earn the title of master artist ❤️ . 

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