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you don't need to save me

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but would you run away with me?


kristina. 27. GIMP.

california. lover of topknots & banners.























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first! will edit soon-ish


I am in complete awe of our work :loves: honestly, it's really clear that you know what you're doing. all of the colouring is lovely, especially on the banners, and you have a clear handle on comp and blending. You may have disappeared for a while, but it's clear you didn't lose any skills while you were gone! I'm honestly so jealous of your skills right now!


One thing I would suggest, however, is to watch for image quality. I don't know if it's the images itself or just a texture that you used but, to me, the images of T Swizzle on your sig look LQ compared to the rest of the images used in your gallery. I'd just suggest looking into that so you can make your graphics even more aesthetically pleasing! Keep up the great work because I'd love to see more! :fangirl:

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Hi Kristina!


I just wanted to come and tell you that I adore your banners they're so so wonderful, I love that first one and the colouring on all of them is just amazing, like I think you could teach me a thing or two *_*


Also, I 100% support your Taylor swift appreciation in here if you ever want to yell about her with someone who greatly adores her or even just chat generally tbh, feel free to shoot me a pm ;D


- Hannah <3

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okay, callisto... that sounds so familiar that I feel like we were here at the same time before we both disappeared! So hello if you remember me and hello if you don't!! :hiwave:


First off :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: I cry at the beauty.

Okay now that that's done, holy gosh your work is beautiful :loves::loves:


Your icons are super duper cute! The cut and colouring on those is to die for!! :loves:


I absolutely love the colouring of your banners. It's one of the prettiest colourings I've seen around TDA! And you have great comp skills! The use of avalanche.'s (I think those are the ones you used :hide: ) textures are so beautiful there!! The onnlyyyy thing I have to say as far as improvement, is maybe try and vary in your text placement? Your titles seem to always be in the centre(ish) so maybe experiment with the focal points idk :hide:tbh i don't feel worthy to give crit :headdesk:


With your sig, I mean it's Taylor so I love it. And those colours :loves:


I think what I'd like to see you try is dark colouring maybe. You've nailed the bright colours, so maybe dark or monochrome is something for you to get your nails into :creepy: Also, CI's! :happy:


Okay so anyway! You honestly have an amazing gallery and I look forward to seeing lost more of your delicious pretties :sean:


- Kay

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kristina, welcome back :hearts: finally posting that comment i meant to earlier!


i saw your sig earlier and got SO excited. the colouring, composition

and text just blows my mind. it shows off your skills so well. <3 i love

all the banners you've got in here, too. your colouring is just mind

blowing in absolutely EVERYTHING, i just don't know how you do it!


your graphics are just sooooo pretty and it's so nice to see them around.


keep making awesome graphics and MAKE MORE please. i need

to drool.


<3 jordan


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holy smokes your gallery is so. pretty. the softness of your graphics is something that i wish i could do!

your colouring is so subtle and lovely and it like... reminds of me of some famous painter??

idk i just feel so warm looking at those banners.

not to mention the comp! and the text and wowow. please continue to make lovely things


-- ariel :loves::loves::loves:

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Hey there! You requested for a crit so here I am xD


Okay first off: ICONS! I like how you're experimenting with cuts. Each one has different perspectives but I can recognize the theme for the set. I think the third icon is a little low quality compared to the others though. Other than that, I think you have a good start with icons. Play more with composition and coloring, and they'll even be more amazing!


Your banners are lovely! First look and I'm just *___* so colorful and vibrant! Your composition is spot on my friend! Since this section has the most graphics, I'll talk about each one. As I said earlier, your composition is there already. For the first one, I think what you can improve is coloring and text. I'll also be a little mindful of the skintones of all the subjects. Cara on the right is a lot darker than the other two Caras and Cara on the left is desaturated compared to Cara in the middle. Maybe the secondary text will be better on the right sunflower area?? Banner #2 is my favorite! It's so pretty! My only suggestion for this one is maybe you could have added another image of the girl to cover the empty area to the left of the flower. Maybe adding a gradient and adjusting curves can only make the graphic pop in terms of colors :) Banner #3 is also pretty! (They're all pretty!) I think it would be better if different picture was used for the secondary one. They're both looking straight and I think it will add perspective if you choose a different angle? But that might just be my personal preference! I think a scripty font would make the text better as well. Banner #4! I like how you experimented with fonts on this one! Yay!


For the chapter image, I think you were going for a bokeh effect with the circles? I think blending the edges would make the image cleaner. Use a soft brush along the edges and adjust the opacity, maybe it'll turn the general effect softer? The sig is okay, though I think it would be better if you cut up the text and put it in the empty space in the middle so it's like a cascading verse and it won't distract from the primary focus of the graphic.


Overall, you reallllyyyy do have a good start here! You have a good grasp on composition and your blending is also good! Even your hardcutting is very well executed!!! Practice your coloring more so you'll have an even more seamless graphic. Play with filters, adjust the brightness and contrast of your graphics. Download more fonts, move them around the canvas. Experiment! I look forward to seeing more of your graphics! Good luck! :D


(P.S. if I was harsh about anything please know I didn't mean any offense!)

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kennedy- great name btw not just cause it was my favorite

president lol but thanks so much for your sweet comment!

it's great to be back & i'll completely take in mind the image

quality next time! i wanna say it might have been the texture

but no clue haha


hannah- eppp thanks so much that's unbelievably sweet of

you! and yasssss so much taylor lurve! i adore her so much

which my boyfriend can't seem to stop making fun of me for

lol but thanks again for stoping by! & your karen sig is the cutest

thing ever! she was my favorite plastic, totally the most underrated!


kay- hi! yes i think i remember you, but yeah back now & really

excited about that. and thanks so much for the warm welcome

back! you're too sweet & ughh evil text yep totally need to work on

that! haha yeah i try to get into making a dark or monochrome

banner and get all moody with music and such then i'm all

like ohhh pretty flower and sunshine and bam its happy &

colorful lol and thanks again for stoping by and the sweet words!


jordan- helllllo lady! haha thanks for dropping by and the utter

sweet words, girl! already started on the other ones for you to

drool at your earliest leisure! lol


ariel- thanks so so much the sweet words! i totally know

who you're talking about & the name is on the tip of my tongue

​but i seriously can't remember! this art history lessons that

i aced seem like a massive fail right now lol


jireh- thanks so so much for the critique! it was really great & not

harsh at all. i totally see where you're coming from on all the points

you made and will make sure to remember them the next time i'm

making something. thanks again!

Edited by callisto

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omg yasss. your graphics are so darn good.

the coloring on everything is soft but still crisp (if that makes any sense) and I really like it.

and you like Taylor Swift so, I'm even more in love with your gallery

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hey Kristina

so I was scrolling through your gallery thinking




your use of textures and stock is so creative, and your coloring is phenomenal!

and your compppp please teach me


keep it up!!


btw you are a culinary student?? that sounds so cool!

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lilo -thank you so so much! and yes i know

exactly what you're saying lol oh gosh taylor

is totally queen, love her so much <3 i'll

​teach you only if you teach me! haha


maya- epppp that is way too sweet of you,

you're so lovely for saying that! and talk about

coloring! the coloring on your sig is so pretty!

& yep starting culinary school soon but working

in the mean time. i'm hoping to focus on pastries

& pastry art (:

Edited by callisto

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Do you know what? I used GIMP once and it was terrible, too difficult to me, so now that I'm looking at your graphics and remembering my biggest fail ever I can only feel respect for you. Your colorings and compositions are flawless, not to mention the amazing fonts you use. I'm so amazed, I don't even know how you do it, but you should definitely tell us what's your secret. Please, update soon because I think I found a new gallery to stalk hahaha <3

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Your graphics are absolutely wonderful. The fact that you create such beautiful pieces using GIMP is shocking. The coloring you've used are perfect and I love everything in your gallery love <3

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Hey hey, Kristina! :hug:


I'm not sure if you'll remember me, but I was your Little Buddy in BBLB. :loves:

You have such a brilliant knack for color, and your use of purples and greens is just mind-blowing!

Congrats on the promo and the new blue, and I am so happy to see you back. <3 I have always adored you and your style.

Let me know if you ever want to chat, and I can't wait to see more of your new work! These graphics are just so, so, super lovely. ^_^


Continue with the awesome! :worship:

Lucia <3

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ash- thanks so so much for the really sweet words especially with how

utterly gorgeous all your stuff is! oh and the comment about the fonts,

insanely sweet since text hatesssssss me!


faye- thanks so much! and look who's talking about coloring, your's

is seriously so so amazing. i'm loving your current style!


lucia- epppp yes of course i remember you! i seriously looked at our

last convo just now & had zero clue what we were talking about lol but

i'm insanely glad to hear from you & thank you so much for the

super sweet words. also your sig is ksdhdlkbvcbvk <33


xx kriss

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Hi! I keep seeing you all around the challenges n stuff and I just wanted to say your graphics are really beautiful :) There's so much variety in your style and coloring. Every single graphic on your page feels really distinct! I am particularly in love with the coloring here+ and here+. Share your secrets pretty please? :loves:


xx Alison

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everything in your gallery is super duper pretty; this promo was so well deserved and I'm so happy for you!!

that last CI had me staring for like 10 years ok it's so beautiful ;_;


keep up the awesome work! <333

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Hi there Kriss!

This is Sally with her critique in tow. You said your weak points were composition

and text so I'll see if I can help you on that. So let's get started.

1. Cookies
I really think your coloring is great, especially in +this (the monochrome is awesome)

and +this (I love the neon effect). Also the coloring in +this CI is adorable.
While you say that composition is a weak spot, I actually think you are already

mastering it quite well. Whereas there are pieces I would clean out of your gallery

(+this & +this, because the composition is not strong enough) there are other pieces

in which I like the composition really well. Your black and white CI has great

composition; the heartless banner has really great composition (especially since there

is only one character in it really (I don't count the really small one :dumbles:)). Same

goes for the sins banner (although I would move the text to the center) and the Evan

one (where the text placement is good, only the font is bothering me slightly, but we'll
come to that later).
Overall you've got great work going on. I wish to see more icons from you; the two

you've got in your gallery are great. And basically just practice: make hundreds
and thousands of graphics and most of it is really just experience and experimenting!

2. Spices
For the weak points in my eyes I would like to focus majorly on text and image quality,

since in my opinion these are essential for you to improve your gallery ;)
So, text: I do not think you have a problem with text per se, but more with text

placement, coloring and fonts. But first, let me say the text in +this banner is perfect :loves:,

really - I would not change a thing!! As I already said above I would move the text on

your sins banner - since you've placed it so far to the left in my opinion it throws the

banner off balance. I also don't think the font is that fitting. I like the 'I write […] not

tragedies (GREAT SONG BTW) but I would chose a smaller font for the sins and also

get rid of the white outline. But that could also be just in my opinion - I already think it

would be great if you'd move the text and make the sins smaller (maybe also turn it a

bit? so it's not completely horizontal?).
Okay, let's move on. For the Evan banner, as I said, I think the placement is done very

well, but I think it's again the white drop shadow that bothers me a bit, because here

it's visible on each side of the letter, move it a bit more to the right and maybe experiment

with a black drop shadow or no drop shadow but add a more prominent gradient on

top? Basically just experiment. And don't hesitate to ask me for my opinion or help; I'll

be glad to! In your 'beautiful' banner I'd also recommend you to erase the white drop

shadow, maybe change the gradient so it's light on top and dark on the bottom and then

play around with curving it, making it diagonal or smaller - just play around with it.
The last thing I want to say about text is: try to download a million fonts and maybe start

experimenting with mixing different fonts (okay usually not more than 2) fonts in one word.

Often it looks great if you have a really curly and bigger first letter and then add smaller

and less curly letters! You could also lower the opacity or set the text to soft light or

multiply to play around and see what works best!
Image quality: Here I think is your second big problem. Excluding your flawless 'heartless'

banner, your graphics are often grainy or over-sharpened and that makes them seem of

lower quality than they actually are. If you want to sharpen blurry images, that's perfectly

fine - we all do it. But just be careful not to overdo it. Since you use GIMP (hey fellow

gimper!) I am sure you are familiar with G'MIC. I use it to make my graphics smoother and

a little blurrier at the places where I need it to be. under artistic you find graphic boost

(which is a great option, if you put it on overlay and lower the opacity to say 15%) and

channel processing (where you have to find your preferred settings at first - took me a long

time!). Keep in mind that even if you create a layer from visible parts and apply the options

first you can set your preferred opacity and second you can erase parts where it's too

blurry or sharp or just not as you want it to be ;) WHEW. That's it for image quality I think!

3. Cinnamon
It may seem that I'm criticizing a lot but let's face it your gallery is great and you have

all the basics down and now it's only improving and experimenting and finding your style.

I'd suggest you take +this and +this out of your gallery because your other pieces are

just stronger ones. Your 'heartless' banner is in my opinion your strongest graphic at the

moment as well as your lovely icons.

If you have any questions, just write me a pm or leave a message on my profile, whatever

you like. It's a great start you've got here and I can definitely see the potential!! I hope the

critique helped you a bit :D
Love, Sally

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