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Okay, as promised I will give a brief rundown of the changes we have planned. Most likely this will be happening after October Promotions so we don't have to rush, and there is plenty of time to adjust and implement any changes in time for November promos.


I would like to reassure all of you that we will try to already use some new rule of thumbs for ourselves for October promotions too!


Anyway, here we go:




- Revamp of the rules forum. We will try to shorten things down and keep it more concrete. This includes hopefully taking out contradictory or confusing information.

- Open the Tumblr askbox as a suggestion / constructive criticism box where members can leave anonymous feedback.

- Open the break room, previously only for JA+ to member artists. This includes making the gallery protection program available for member artists as well.

- A sticky post in the admin's notices outlining what we look for during promotions, as well as a redefinition of the ranks. That way we have everything in one place. We will also encourage members to contact us in case they did not get promoted for personal feedback.

- Open up applications for everyone, not just member artists. This will probably be a trial run at first to see how it goes, but we would then only look at the galleries of the people who apply.




- Requesting arena: Reinstate the possibility for requesters to post their request into the MA request forum immediately.


- Critique corner: We will merge together Forum graphics and Story graphics and create a new subforum for technique specific questions, sort of like the Graphic Goblin. Artists will have the chance to post specific questions like 'how should I best blend her hair in this banner' or 'how can I get rid of these orange overtones' and anyone can reply with tips and tricks.


- Dueling arena: The old Member Artist Challenges forum will be changed to the Rank-Specific Challenges forum, which will encompass all rank-specific challenges we choose to run. Only Dueling Arena Moderators and Staff Moderators are permitted to post challenges in it, but all artists will be allowed to suggest ideas in the suggestion thread. We will be posting challenges for Member artists/Junior artists in it regularly, but senior, graduate, and staff artists should all keep their eyes out as well.


- Tutorials: We are bringing back the possibility of making step-by-step tutorials.


- Resources forum: We will bring back the 'what's that stock thread' and will be doing a small revamp of the character resources list.


- Off-topic forums: We will create a new subforum that will be exclusively for suggestions wherein members can post separate topics per suggestion. That way suggestions won't get lost in the single thread and there is more visibility. I will already be creating two topics, one to keep the discussion regarding the houses or groups going and one for site wide challenges since those topics were featured heavily in the apology thread in the admin's notices.



That's it for now. The board will most likely be put offline for 2-3 days to get everything changed at once. I don't know when I will do this yet, but I will be putting a notice up 1-2 days beforehand!


Feel free to comment in here if you wish :) My ask box is always open too.

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These changes actually all sound fantastic. It's more inclusive to everyone and brings back the spirit of graphic-making. I also think the rule about only evaluating for promotions those who apply specifically for it is a great idea - not to mention I'm sure it cuts back on work for the staff :)

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UPDATE: we will be putting the board offline to put these changes into effect next weekend from 17 until the 18th of october. as I go by GMT, I'll say, noon Saturday until Sunday evening (let's say 8PM) GMT time or sooner depending on how quickly we get everything done.

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