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winter soldier

Off Topic Area Rules

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TDA Rec Room and discussion zone.



  • When posting a topic in the Book Reviews, please don't forget to add the appropriate forms to your topic!
  • When posting a topic to the Celebrity discussion forum, your topic title must be the name of that celebrity
  • Observe the rating rules (15+)
  • Use spoiler tags in your posts. [*spoiler]here is the spoiler[*/spoiler] (post these without the *)


  • Share personally identifying information. This includes photos that could identify you (i.e., your family, your car, your house, etc...) last names, addresses, phone numbers, the name of your school, the name of a sports team you are on, etc...
  • Post spoilers in the first post of the topic.


Book forms

[b]Series[/b] [y/n]
[b]Length/Reading Level[/b]
Author forms

[b]Titles of Major Works[/b]
[b]Length/Reading Level[/b]

Forum Games

posting in a game

  • be kind and considerate of other artists, while constructive criticism is welcomed... full out bashing isn't
  • do no excessively post in a thread (i.e. posting every other post in the squee the above thread)
  • always read the rules attached to each individual game before playing
  • if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it
  • if you can't handle criticism, in the critique style threads, it's probably best if you don't post... there are always people who won't like something
  • remember the forums rules - keep it pg, no drama and no personal information


posting a game

  • if you are questioning the games worth, pm an off-topic mod
  • make sure there no similar games already opened
  • do not make pointless games, or ones that will easily offend people (i.e poke fun at the person above's username)

Any topic that hasn't been posted in for over 6 months will be graveyarded.

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