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Oh my gosh! Everything here is so pretty!

I love how everything has so much depth in it, especially your blends!

You are like my idol for blends! Because I never add enough depth to my it feels like.

And what you do with text is so wonderful as well too!

Also your gallery title is hamilton so I love it even more!

Just letting you know I am a fan of you Alison!


Oh I'm Ashley by the way. :happy:

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Hi Alison! So I saw you on the post your last creation thread and I just had to pop into your gallery. Everything here is absolutely gorgeous wow!!


Starting with your Archie icons. I am seriously in love. How do you even do that? The soft lighting is to die for and your textures are so sososo nice! I think over all the soft look is amazing. All your graphics have this kind of ethereal look about them which I simply adore. They kind of just look soft and it's a nice cohesive look to your whole gallery!


However, I think that my favorite graphic of yours has got to be your DA Digest banner. That honeycomb texture and the lighting is so nice. Also, the soft lighting is there but the whole graphic stands out because it's so crisp and soft? if that makes any sense. Anyway! I just had to come in here and squee because seriously your stuff is amazing. and I'm Rodrigo by the way if you wanna talk about Riverdale ever please send me a message!

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hey Alison! I'm here with your requested cleanout. Okay so instead of just saying what you should get rid of I'm also going to say why. A recurring theme as to why I believe you should get rid of the graphics I've chosen is because of focal point, which we will get into as I go along! Otherwise, you've actually improved a lot since the last time I was in your gallery, your filtering has improved so much as has your colouring, I'm really liking it!!! :D



For me personally, your banners are your weakest area in your gallery. The lack of focal point and busy composition is what's stopping a few of these from achieving their full potential. I would recommend getting rid of this banner++ because there's just so much in one line that I don't know where to look first and it can be really confusing for the eye. All the hardcuts and the main text are the same size, and despite Harry being slightly larger he's behind all of them - so it's conflicting. Your focal point should usually be quite obvious in size or placement, or how close it is to the text. And if the text is the focal point then it should be the biggest, and all the people in it should be quite small. Again with this banner+, I'd get rid of it because the text and the main girl are the same size, so it throws the focal point off. As well, the blending of the curtain behind the girl is a bit too sloppy, which could work if the background had been a similar colour, but against the light blue it shows up (take it from someone who hides her bad blending with colour schemes haha!) Lastly I'd remove this++ because while the composition is wonderful, in terms of colouring it's miles behind your other pieces and I think it holds your gallery back a little.


​chapter images:

one+ - this chapter image is the messiest and again, the busiest. So I'm instantly drawn in by the 'summer' text which is good, but then the main girl in front draws my eyes away. As well the skin tones don't really match the rest of the graphic which is quite warm.
two+ - there's not actually a big issue with this one, but it's not as good as the other two. The font doesn't work with the graphic - I wouldn't use dearest swash with textures (though that could be a personal taste thing). Generally script/calligraphy fonts are more for stock, they fit the old fashioned, elegant vibe that stock has whereas this piece is a lot more modern and texture based - so it should have a font that reflects that :)



​these are definitely your strongest pieces, overall I love the composition, the colouring, the filtering and the text! You really seem to know what you're doing. I'd just get rid of this one++, because the white swirly texture in front of the castle is really distracting and hides the main text - which again should maybe have a less script-y font.




​I think this one++ should definitely go because the text is really out of place. I'm not sure if the girl at the front is the focal point, or if the text itself is. Personally, I'd put the main girl in front of the text, then have another model sat on top of it, because if you're going to make your text that big - then the rest of the graphic should interact with it. Even with textures we want every layer and image we choose to link together - and that counts with the text as well :) Lastly, I'm kind of unsure about this++, it has amazing potential - great colouring and filtering...but it seems a little unfinished. Like I want to see more on it, it's too busy to be classed as minimalism - but it isn't full enough??? So it could stay, but it might be holding your gallery back - so maybe go back to it???



If you have any questions about my crit, or if it was too harsh then please feel free to PM me Alison ^_^ . I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!



Edited by beyond the rain
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I think I just died.

I really mean it, this gallery is so gorgeous! I love the balance in all your graphics, it's just amazing, and I also love the text and the coloring of all of them. Your banners are trully out of this world and I think I'll take them as a reference. Just wow <3

(Also this signature is so beatiful, it makes me wanna die <3)

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alison :wub:

it's been ages since i've seen your pretties but gosh I'm so glad I popped into your gallery!! everything in here is so pretttttyyy- i love your colouring and filtering especially :'D

keep on working that magic- I love seeing your pretties in pylc :loves:

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Hi Alison! You came out of my random generator to win one of my trick-or-treat tricks to comment in a gallery!

You may not know this, but in my head, I bow at your feet every time I see one of your graphics! Your style is one of my favourites on TDA. I love how soft it and, I want to say fluffy, but it's more..smoky.. You know what I mean (I hope). Your comp is always so epic and so varied! I'm super jealous of how you manage to make everything so different and unique! Also your icons :worship::worship::worship: They are goals! I think +this is my favourite graphic of yours! I just love everything about it!

Now excuse me while I go and wait for you to make more beautiful things!


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So I totally am in love with your text. At first, it was your use of paths like in *this banner. But then, the heart eyes were for how MUCH text you manage to get into so many of your graphics. It's all so legible but there's so much of it I am seriously in awe. I also really love how you manage to blend textures and stock together like in **this banner. I'm basically just in love with your colors and your composition and everything you do to make graphics. 


Have a great rest of the year!!! 

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Hey alison 


I think your texts are absolutely gorgeous! you really manage to get a lot in it, wow.  Your colors are amazing and  I especially adore your banner 'I could turn around useless' and your final blend :loves: that girl looks fierce, I wonder who she is? 


Edited by MrsDarcy
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@MrsDarcy thank you for such a sweet comment! now that I've just updated my gallery idk what graphics you're referring to DD: but regardless the compliments are very kind ❤️ thank you so much for stopping by!

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