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hi everyone :D


i signed up for a new forum today and in the almost ridiculous (and still ongoing) wait to recieve my validation email i was reminded of my old fav, td.a... so i decided to swing by and say hi!


i'm chlo, i was on tda aaaaall the time in late 2012-most of 2013 and have taken on and off breaks in 2014 and 2015. school is so much work D:


i miss you all <3 and i miss making graphics!! i'm in an art program right now, and i do so many other things i have no time left for photoshop :cry:


but, hopefully, coming back onto tda will help me find some motivation and some spare time..


how is everyone?! :sean:

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hi Chlo! i'm Alison. welcome back to tda :) will you be posting a gallery? what kind of art program are you in? i hope you can find some free time to hang out with us over here ^^


nice to meet you! :D

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hi alison!! thank you for the warm welcome <3 hopefully, i'll be posting a new gallery once i make more recent graphics.. if i can [cries]. and, i'm in a program added on to my normal school that puts me thru some semester studio art classes in different media! im in painting and ceramics right now :D


meena!!!!!!!!! omg you like bts :sean: those are my no1 ultimate babies!!! thank u for being so nice, it's so cute to hear someone missing me <3333

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