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broke the sweetest promise

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hello dayna :)


before your gallery can be approved would you mind fixing the link to your credits as it's not working right now and i can't check them?


if you have any questions, feel free to pm me ;)

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Congrats on the promo!
There's so many pretties in here I can't deal <3

It's great to see you back with a gallery & straight back in with a new shade of blue.

So here's a promo present - I hope you like it!



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Hiiiiiiiii Dayna! Since we've never talked

before, what better way to introduce myself

than with a huge congrats on your promo?! I'm

in LOVE with that CL in your gallery right now.

I cannot stop staring at it! I can't wait to

see what else you've got up your sleeve!

Enjoy your new blue! :)

- Katlynn

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AHHH OMG DAYNA YOU'RE BACK!!! Welcome back doll! I'm going to leave you some bigbang congrats love! It has been a while (I just got back last month from a bit of a hiatus) so I'm so glad to see you back and making such beautiful graphics! I absolutely love your style (I always have), its so amazing to see how much you've grown and CONGRATS ON YOUR PROMO!!! You so deserve it, and I'm so happy for you!!! Enjoy and rock the new color! I cant wait to see what amazing pretties you show us from now on, and of course I'll be back to oogle your graphics! So glad you're back! <3

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hey dayna!


firstly, welcome back! it's so nice to see you back and with all these pretties!

I swear you've been on talent pills since you left because everything in here is gorgeous!

i adore that CI and the character library is gorgeous too

teach me how to colour too omg!

have a little promo prezzie from me and I can't wait to see more from you <33




- hannah

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congrats dayna! very well deserved

promo, there are so many gorgeous

graphics in here. I'm completely in

awe of your text skills and your coloring

is so soft and gorgeous and pretty.

enjoy the new blue!


<3 cat

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Hi Dayna!


You've got a very nice gallery here!


I am really liking all of these creative banners you've composed so wonderfully. Can I ask you what your secret is with text, because these are some of the best that I have seen and I would love to have the eye that you do for them!


You do a really good job with dark graphics, but making sure that you use lighter colors to really catch peoples eyes as the browse through the gallery. It seems like that is exactly your style and it's gorgeous! I also really love all of the choices that go into your graphics. They are really well thought out and I like that you make sure everything goes together.


This one is my favorite of all the graphics in your gallery, but rest assured I really like all of them, this one just stands out the most.


Keep up the fabulous work!! I look forward to seeing what else you create! :)

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hey, Dayna!! i'm here for your requested gallery critique :dumbles:

i think you have a beautiful gallery, i love the way you use stock and you also have lovely compositions. those are two of your strengths for sure. you have a great grasp on focal points, and your bases are cohesive and flow well because you make sure the left and right sides of the graphic match.

my favorite pieces in here are +this (hnnng <3 <3), +this, +this, and +this.

i'll cover text and coloring next, as you mentioned them specifically in your form.

you have good text placement, and that ties in to what i mentioned earlier about clear focal points. the weakest part of your text i would say is overuse of bevel + emboss. imo it's difficult to pull off, and an example where the beveled text stands out is +this banner. both the bold color and the strong bevel sets it apart from the rest of the graphic and interrupts the flow. it looks placed on top, rather than integrated into the banner. in +this banner, although it is one of my favs in terms of coloring, composition, and texture/stock use, the text is probably the weakest part. all four words are the same size and color, and i think it would kick the graphic up a notch if you put some more variety into the text.
overall though, you're doing great at experimenting with different effects and angles with your text. keep that up. maybe experiment more with different types of fonts, as you tend to lean towards scripty fonts :loves:

it looks like you prefer dark, dramatic coloring. +this, +this, and +this are all beautiful examples of that. you pull it off very well :edward: i would also love to see you experiment more with light graphics. i got a glimpse of that in the 'christian rousseau' signature, my very fav in here. it's super soft and lovely, and that text is perf! i'm a strong advocate for showing versatility in a gallery, and it's great to see that you can pull off both styles :')
the weakest examples of coloring i can see in here are +this banner, and it's really only the main guy's face. the contrast looks a little strong on his cheek; the whites are too bright in comparison to the bottom half of his face. remember to double check for matching skin tones as well.
+this header also isn't as strong as some of your other graphics. it could just be a light texture over her face, but her coloring looks uneven and a little splotchy. there's a whole lot of white in the graphic and i think it overpowers the little bit of orange you have in there. i'd be interested to see what some of the text would look like in an orange shade like her hair. you did a great job hardcutting the tigers and picking stock for this header, though! beyond those nitpicky things, i think you have great coloring overall.

i don't have enough to say about blending to make a whole section for it. you've got blending down, but it does look like there's some halos around her hair in +this one, and in +this, her hair on the left cuts off a little abruptly. just remember to do a spot check. :)
be careful about putting too much textures over faces, on the smaller girl there's some spots around her nose and mouth +here that don't look intentional. again, this is mostly just nitpicky stuff.

i'll wrap this up, and i'll end with encouraging you to keep experimenting with more textures. you have mostly stock graphics in your gallery, and you execute this beautifully. now show us your stuff with textures as well!

keep it up, girl! can't wait to see more graphics from you <3 <3

Edited by floralprint

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Hiiiiiiiii Dayna! Congrats on your promo this month! I'm

loving that first iconset and literally all of the sigs in your

gallery right now (I am not creepily stalking your gallery,

whut) You're awesome, your graphics are awesome and

I'm so excited to see what else you create! Enjoy that new

blue! <3

- Katlynn

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Congraulations Danya!!!
I am so in love with your gallery! The mixture of stock and

textures is fantastic, I especially love the banners and CIs.

from the UC entry, they are stunning!

Enjoy the new blue <3


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hi dayna! congratulations on your promotion! i know you've been through this before, so it's no surprise you're climbing up so fast ;) your stuff is AMAZING. i love your texture use and dark but soft coloring <3 enjoy your blue!



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hi dayna! all of your graphics are amazing, i love them so much! i think the stock usage on your banners is to die for, you use it so well!! and your signatures - i feel like in some ways, they're so simple but so elegant and executed so well?? and i think you're absolutely fabulous with dark graphics but even your lighter ones are still so good?? like how?? i also really like your text - like how do you do this teach me how


keep making amazing graphics!!

- rikki

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Well done on the promo Dayna!!

Your pieces are always so shiny and bright, and I love that.

They have something about them that reminds me of when lighting textures were first becoming popular

and everyone was like ooooh smth shiny and new

(i realise im saying shiny a lot but srsly, i must know how u do that it's fabulous).

Your CIs are my favourite pieces I think, the stock use in them is gorgeous!!!


Congrats again!!



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