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The Dark Arts

broke the sweetest promise

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HEY DAYNA! I remember being in your gallery not too long

ago to congratulate you on another promotion, and I'm not

surpried to be back here again! I absolutely LOVE that icon

set in here right now, and I'm licing for that T-Swift CL, ugh.

You're so talented, it physically hurts me. Congrats on your

promotion! Enjoy your new blue! <3

- Katlynn

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Hi Dayna!

Just stopping by to leave you a bit of holiday love on your gallery.

The first thing that caught my attention was how amazing your blends are. I particularly love your character library of Layla blend. The way you did the partial mono on it is beautiful. The pops of red against the yellow and white is just stunning.

I like that Legolas keeps popping up in your graphics. <3 He’s one of my favorites too.

Wishing you happy holidays and a new year filled with amazing things! :hug:


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i did not know banner's could be this+ gorgeous, but apparently you did

i love the mix of monochrome and color in this+ banner

and the use of hard cutting works wonderfully for the composition of this+ signature

keep up the great work!

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If it was possible to be absorbed by graphics, I would choose your last sig yes (bet you've never heard that pick up line eh?!).


You have such a gorgeous graphics style! It's so deep and mysterious and your texture use is fabulous :D


Please keep the pretty graphics coming! I can't wait to see more ^_^



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Hi Dayna!
I love your style so much! I think my favourite graphic of yours is +this banner, though I do love everything in here, but that banner is just gorgeous! I love the colouring on it so much and the text is so simple, yet fits perfectly in the banner! +This is also super cool for the same reasons!


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