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hey catherine :D :D


i'm so glad you decided to come back to TDA wooohoo :queen:


your graphics are lovely as always, they're all so simple but beautiful and dark dark dark and i absolutely love all of them :wub: your current sig is definitely my favourite though ^_^

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Hi there!


Welcome back to TDA! Since your gallery is new, I thought I'd pop by and leave a little bit of love!


Wow. The first thing that really strikes me is how distinct your style is. Everything is cohesive from top to bottom and it all looks like it could be part of one complete set. I don't think I've ever seen a gallery that is quite this consistent before.


I love how you play with darkness, but add little pops of color. On your walk the line signature, the pops of purple are lovely against the black and grey. Same thing on your pretty face banner. The blue and green colors add a really lovely touch to the darkness.


I think your strongest overall skill if your text. Not only does it really stand out because of the simplicity of your graphics, but you do a great job of selecting fonts and color. Your text comp is great too! I love how you play with so many fonts, styles, and colors, but each one seems like it really fits the graphic. I struggle so hard with this, so I'm super jealous. :)


I am a bit curious to see what you would do with some bright colors and maybe textures or stock instead of screenshots. I think maybe mixing in a few pieces could be fun, but overall, I think you've really got your style nailed down.


Keep up the good work!



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congrats on the promo catherine!!!


You've always had such an interesting style, i particularly like the luna banner.

..it's so minimalistic and fits the character perfectly.

Your text and colouring skills seem to really pop and stand out in your pieces!


Enjoy your new shade of blue!!



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HIIII CATHERINE! I have been a long-time stalker of

you and your work, ohhhh boy. I cannot ger over your

amazing;y unique, beautiful style. Your use of negative

space is unrivaled, my dear. I'm so excited to see your

around again and I cannot wait to see more of your

pretties! Congratulations on your promo! <3

- Katlynn

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Hi, Catherine!


Congrats on your promo. You've got a lovely and unique style, and I love them... :wub:

Hope to see more from you! Enjoy the new blue :D:hyper:




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Hi Catherine!

I just commented on your gallery not too long ago, but I wanted to stop by and leave you a little holiday love!

Like I said in my previous comment, I think the thing that’s most striking to me is how strong your style is. You really have the simplicity nailed. And I love how you mix in pops of bright colors against the darker backgrounds.

I think your starboy banner was a really cool addition. Even though it’s a bit different than everything else in terms of comp, it still feels really cohesive with everything else that you have in your gallery.

Wishing you happy holidays and an amazing new year! :hug:


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Congrats on your promo!!! My fave pieces of yours are +this and +this. You definitely have a unique style and know how to rock the negative space. Every piece here is very interesting and eye-catching. Can't wait to see more :-)

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You have such a variety in your gallery, I love it!


I also super love how you use text as a little color pop in +this and +this it looks super cool! My favorite of your graphics might have to be https://s8.postimg.cc/jgsu1ipad/princess.png'>+this Ci, though, because I am in awe of how many people you managed to fit on one graphic!


Your whole gallery is so lovely!

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aaah your gallery is lovely!! +this is going straight into my inspo folder, no joke, it's gorgeous. I looove your minimalist style, it's a delight! +this is another one of my faves, I so envy your ability to do the black and white minimalism. :fangirl:

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I'm not sure if this is the proper technical terms, but your banners look so soft and smoky and I love them. The lower contrast, and the layer modes, and just the nice negative space is so wonderful to look at. Your use of the different colors in **this chapter image blow me away. I just really like what you're doing :wub:

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