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header by valentine~ @ TDA


(newest graphics at the top)











old favourites: +Layla | +Always and Forever





.chapter images







Old favourites: +the awakening CI | +the historian CI






































+Muted version









by miss atomic bomb


Best Junior Artist Finalist, 2017 (by endlessly)



YBW - Junior Artist - June 2017 (award by clowder)



Promoted to Junior Artist [MC] (award by starbuck)


+BBLB Cycle Three, 3rd Place, with nyx. (award by wildest.dreams)


+BBLB Cycle Three - Most Improved (award by saturn)


+Member of the Month - January 2017 (award by steadily)







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hello lia and congrats on making a gallery on TDA! :dumbles:


before your gallery can be approved could you fix the link to your credits list as right now it seems there is no link? :)


if you have any questions, feel free to PM me ;)

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Hi Lia!

Just dropping by to leave a quick holiday comment on your new gallery and to ogle over how good everything is, particularly for just starting. I’m so glad you decided to join TDA! :)

It’s great to see that you’re already experimenting with lots of different sizes of graphics. That’s a really good way to improve your skills. It really forces you to focus on different types of composition.

You’re also doing a really good job of playing with different types of text. Text is almost always the hardest part of any graphics, so the variety you have is really impressive.

My favorite of your graphics so far is your Rihanna blend. The coloring on it is so pretty and the comp is really good too.

All in all, I think you’re off to a great start and I can’t wait to watch you improve as you go.

Wishing you happy holidays and a wonderful New Year! :hug:


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hey there Lia, my name is Sofia! :D as promised, here I am! :P hehe love the look of your graphics and if you're just starting, let me tell you this: I wish my graphics were as good when I started making graphics! ^_^ my favourites would have to be the Morgan Freeman sig and that Rihanna blend! :wub: love the colouring on that blend! and to answer the question you made on my gallery, that scratchy look is called 'Angled Strokes' and it's a default filter I have on CS6, in the Filter Gallery... :) keep making more graphics and as you make them, you'll improve heaps! but feel free to PM me if you need anything! :D:hug: ^_^

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Kaitlin - I'm really glad you think so. As you can see from my statuses, most of the time I rarely like anything I've made. Text has been difficult for me too, picking the right one. At the same time, I don't want to be using the same ones repeatedly. The Rihanna blend is one of the things I really, really like :) I think it's my favourite out of the bunch, and I really wanted to do something with her in it...being my fellow countrywoman and all :D Happy Holidays to you too, doll :wub:


Sofia - Seems Rih Rih's blend is popular :D Thank you. Honestly, I've been doing this off and on for a while, but only got into it in earnest last year. Now here I am. Will definitely PM you with questions! Thanks for the tip :)

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Hi Lia! I'm Vanya :'D

You have a really beautiful gallery here :wub: I genuinely wish I was half as good as you when I was an MA! I absolutely love your first banner :wub:

And both of your chapter images are simple yet gorgeous :drop: Just look out for overfiltering like in the Nine Crimes banner and the morgan freeman sig, but otherwise you are off to a fantastic start! :wub: Oh, and I adore the colouring on your blend, just askdkdjfamazing :')

Don't hesitate to shoot me a PM if you wanna talk about anything :hug:

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Guest dehlles

Hey Lia!


I've checked your gallery before, and I see a little improvement since then. You're got the basics just about in terms of making graphics. There are a few things to watch out for that I've noticed in your graphics.


Quality in images: It appears that you utilize both high and low quality images. It can be of two factors. 1.) The images you chosen are high, but you may have used a little too much filtering. Be careful of that, because it can throw off the entire quality of the graphic. 2.) The images may already be LQ (low quality.) In which case, it's best to use HQ (high quality) images. Basically HQ images will give your graphic the best quality look as a whole. :)



Coloring: One instance is the skin tones of the models. For example, your 'Dominique' banner, the big guy is dark, the girl is a lighter than the big guy, and the image of the smaller guy on the left is just pale and light. When using more than two people, make sure their skin tones match and that they look natural. Brings unity and flow of a graphic. Another instance is the coloring of the text. In your 'crash' banner (the one at the bottom), the text would look better if you chose the color of the background with like a 'color picker' tool. Click somewhere on the base. I see like Brownish or gold color would better suit it, which brings me back to, 'gives the graphic flow, unity.'



Also be mindful of focal point, which gets lost due to the sizing of people and where you place the text. Example - the 'Dominique' banner. Between the three models and the text being a little too spaced out, splits the focal point. The same for both your 'crash' banners. So, when maintaining focal point, you have a person you may want the focus to be on; usually big, and/or takes the foreground. You may want to add other people, but make sure they're not far apart from each other. Also, have the text where or just about near the person that is the main focus of your graphic. Good examples of that would be your 'imitosis' banner and your signatures.




I know it's a bit much to take in, and I am sorry that if this seems harsh. I am mostly here to help, and I'm around if you'll like any assistance or have any questions, or if you just want to have a friendly chat. :angel:



Do know though that you're doing a good job so far! I want to see more from you! :yes: I'll be back. :ninja:

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Hi Alishya,


This isn't harsh at all! It actually made me think of questions to ask you :) If they aren't here, they'll be in a PM :)


Image quality: I try to get all my images from fan site galleries, and they are HQ. If some of them don't look up to scratch, then I edit them a bit with some of the tips in one of Susan's tutorials. So, filtering is my issue.


Colouring: I have questions about colouring people, but I'll save that for the PM. As for the text, I usually do use colour picker, but another artist mentioned to me I could also use complementary colours from the background, so that they'll be easier to see - that's why I didn't go for gold/brown because I didn't think it would be very visible.


Text: Okay, so for the Dominique banner - would it make sense then to make Natalie bigger and more central instead of Alex? Because it's her between two brothers (a twin, hence 2 Alexes), OR, move the text closer to big Alex? As for the 'Crash' banners...should I move them closer to big Marion?



Thanks so much for stopping in and giving CC. It isn't harsh because I know I'm still trying to get the hang of things, and I'm still learning, so I don't think my stuff is stellar.

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Hey, Lia! I'm here with gallery crit because I <3 you and you are the best like by a super wide margin :wub: :wub: :wub:


Composition: Overall, I like your comp! You're experimenting a lot with the placement of people in particular, which is really wonderful - it stops you from getting complacent or just falling into a formula rather than push yourself and become more versatile. Of the pieces in your gallery right now, it works far more often than it doesn't, though I'd encourage you to branch out as much in your CIs and sigs as you have in your banners.

I also love (love, love, love) that you're using stock so much - yes keep doing that plz because stock is love. :P I particularly like your choices +here - you picked a few different stock images that IMO look really good together, and I really like the placement of the Rhiannas both in terms of the base and in terms of each other.

My main comment in terms of your comp is really to make sure that you've always got a clear focal point. Right now, some of your pieces very clearly do (+this, for example), but others don't, particularly when you have people or prominent images way way off to the side (e.g., +this and +this).

Coloring: This is your biggest weakness, IMO. The colors themselves are often lovely (e.g., +here), but they're just too strong and made the graphic come out either oversaturated or overcontrasted.

I think part of the issue might be that you're not always choosing stock fits well together, which can make it harder to color. I also think, though, that this may just be a case where less is more - if you're using textures/gradient fills/etc on overlay or hard light, try using them on soft light (or screen/multiply if they're mostly black/white), layer masking part of it away if it's not working with some parts of the graphic, and/or bumping down the opacity instead. If there are dark/light spots on the graphic that don't quite fit with the graphic as a whole, try painting on white or black spots with a soft low opacity brush and setting it to soft light.

(If this isn't helpful/applicable, please tell me and I'll try different suggestions! <3)

Text: Overall, I like your text - you're experimenting with a wide range of fonts, which is great, and you're playing with placement a lot as well. I actually think that your biggest problem with text isn't necessarily based in your text itself so much as overlooking text placement when you're doing your coloring/comp.

The text in +this, for example, is pretty hard to read - but a big reason for that is that you didn't really leave a great place for the text when you were putting together the graphic. In +this, on the other hand, the colors of the background are more uniform, which allows the text to stand out without heavy use of stroke outline/drop shadow. Sometimes that can work - it does +here - but often, it looks a little awkward.

My rule of thumb is that I'll usually only use drop shadow on a dark background with a light color for the text or outer glow (or whatever it's called) on a light background with a dark color for the text. If you don't have a space that's mostly dark or light, even if the colors change, that might be part of the problem.

Strongest piece: There are a few graphics in your gallery that I really like a lot, but I think that I'm going to have to go with +this. It feels natural and using the models right next to each other twice tells a story about their relationship and makes me want to know more. I also really like the text - this is a rare case where bright-on-bright works, IMO. (+this was a close runner up, though, and I also really like +this!)

Weakest piece: I think I'd have to say +this. I like the concept, but there's just too much going on in it, which makes the text hard to read and makes it hard to create a focal point.


I hope that was helpful, and tell me if you have any follow-up questions! :wub:

Edited by abhorsen.

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Branwen! :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: Thank you for stopping by! I'm writing this up officially, even though we went through stuff off the forum.


Composition: It can be difficult for me sometimes, to know how much is too much. For the 'Imitosis' banner, initially, everyone was at the same level and spaced out, until after receiving some feedback from more experienced artists, I did some adjusting. I realise now there is an art to having multiple models on a banner, and having one the primary focus. But, the question is how? I get that you tell a story with the banner, but how can you fit so many people on (I'm looking at yours right now as I type this) and get it to work? Even if you have 2 people there, and space them at an appropriate distance apart, what do you do with the rest of the space? How can it not look bare?


Heh, I like using stock, or stock with textures. Textures only seem too empty to me.




I think part of the issue might be that you're not always choosing stock fits well together, which can make it harder to color. I also think, though, that this may just be a case where less is more - if you're using textures/gradient fills/etc on overlay or hard light, try using them on soft light (or screen/multiply if they're mostly black/white

I actually never use hard light. I stick to soft light and overlay. And yes, stock is very difficult to find, I think the longest part of the process is finding a good one. Even then, if I try to blend them and they don't look right, it's back to hunting for an appropriate one. I like to say you can never have enough stock. What I do use sometimes with the background - like in the 'Dominique' banner, is to use Darken - that way, I can blend them easier. The base stock for that one was a forest in autumn and stone pillars with steps and greenery. With the second photo on darken, it blended easier with the forest almost as if the trees encroached the structure itself. I'm wondering now if manipulation of these stock images even before I start colouring can be a problem.





try painting on white or black spots with a soft low opacity brush and setting it to soft light.


Someone suggested this trick to me recently, so I'm still trying to learn how to do it, and figure out where is the best place to put it.



Text: Okay, so I know my biggest problem is with text placement. Sometimes I do think I have a good idea, then afterwards it blows up in my face. I have a couple examples to post in here. The first one is the 'Dominique' banner and its reincarnation. The problem with the first banner was the model placement/composition.


first one


When I rearranged everyone, I only had a small space for the text, and it was just her name. second one.


My question here is: how to do anticipate your text placement when: (1) you have more than 2-3 people in your banner, or (2) when you have big text, and a quote?



re: Strongest piece: Wouldn't you know I made some adjustments to that one yesterday...before you posted? As for the weakest piece, we spent time on that last night.


Thanks so much! This was really helpful!.

Edited by ailhsa

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Congrats on your promo Lia!!! I'm so excited to see you move up to Junior and I'm thrilled to continue to see you improve as an artist! You've got some really nice pieces in here and all your hard work shows! Now that you've bumped up a rank, I'd recommend doing a clean out of a few of your older graphics so your new stuff can shine through. :)

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Hi Lia!!! Congrats on the new Blue ♡

We're both Ravenclaws *high five*


Lovely gallery! You can tell you experiment and try a lot of beautiful and creative things with your pieces. Such as how you have a variety in the number of images used, interesting comps, and you pair stock and textures nicely.


Your chapter images are definitely your strongest! The stock choices and comp of the current two are wonderful. And, the softer coloring on the second one is beautiful!


The Rhianna blend is also really cool! Nice comp and stock choice and the main text works really well.


Can't wait to see more :3

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omg lia i can't believe i haven't commented in your gallery yet!! i'm a terrible friend, please forgive me D: first off, congrats on your promo! you haven't even had a gallery up for that long but look how much you're improving! i'm really impressed :) you're doing a really nice job of balancing banners with lots of models on them. and i remember when you had this+ banner up in the crit corner -- the edits you made on it are fantastic! it flows so smoothly now. i also love the soft coloring and lighting of this+ banner. keep on experimenting, and as always feel free to reach out if you have any graphicking questions or want a second opinion on anything! :happy:

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I'm very late in responding and I'm so sorry D:


Kaitlin: Thank you so much. You've always been very supportive and I really appreciate that. Your tip re: gallery cleanout was noted, so I've added in new things I made in January.


Ashley: Three cheers for the 'Claws! Thank you so much for your kind words. Funny thing...I hate CIs.


Alison: :wub: Thank you! The 'Crash into Me' banner is my fave. Honestly. Truly. Heh, ofc I'll send out distress calls ask for help. You've been really really helpful. Each time I think I learn something new from you and it blows my mind.

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Hey Lia!


After our chat yesterday, I thought I'd drop by and leave you a bit of gallery crit on your more recent stuff. :)


First of all, let me just say that you've been improving at such a fantastic rate. Every time I turn around, you're making something new and each piece just gets better and better. Really good job!


I'm going to break this down section by section cause I always find it easier to organize my thoughts that way and then at the end all give you some overall crit.



So I think you already know this, but your Muggle Studies banner is absolutely gorgeous. The comp on it is lovely, the coloring is beautiful, and the text suits it nicely too. It's easily one of the best pieces in your gallery and definitely your best banner. Your Who Am I banner is also really nice. I do think the text doesn't quite work on that banner, but I do think it's some of your better blending in terms of stock on banners.


Your Roses and Rue banner and Crash Into Me banner are IMO not quite as good. The comp is decent on both of them and your text is fine too, but what's lacking is image quality. On the Roses and Rue banner, it's because you're working with darker screencap images, but they don't look nearly as crisp or clean as a lot of your other graphics. On the Crash Into Me banner, I think it's more an issue of blending textures and/or stock over the characters faces. That can work occasionally, but you have to be really careful with it because it can definitely affect the image quality.


Cleanout Recommendation - I think your Dominique Banner is maybe dragging this section down a bit. It isn't necessarily bad, but in comparison to your other work, it definitely isn't on the same level. The images of the two people are overly bright while the background is dark. The image quality is an issue and the stock blending in the background isn't as cohesive as some of your other pieces.


Chapter Images:

I think your chapter images are pretty good, but I'd encourage you to explore different composition moving forward. I see that you've changed up the order of the models in the two different CIs, which is great, but they still end up looking a bit similar. Maybe try a CI with just one person or with two people on opposite sides of the CI. You could try finding an image of someone sitting and make it look like they're sitting on the title. Your image quality on both is pretty decent. I can tell you used better quality images. Just be careful with the white lighting textures over it. Maybe try them out in different layer modes to get them to blend in better. Screen, Lighten Only, Vivid Light, and Soft Light are some of my favorites for lighting.



Your Love signature is another of my favorites. I really love how you put the stock together and I think the way you blended the woman's hair into the background is really neat. I also love that it has a really cohesive color palette. Everything looks like it's lit with a soft golden light which is nice. It makes the person on the banner look more cohesive with the rest of the graphic.


Your Alone signature is pretty too, but your brightness & contrast look a bit high on it to me. The contrast is what's making it so bright that the features on her face fade away. Also, the background is significantly brighter/more saturated than the two women on it. If you ever run into this issue, you can always create a new layer, set it on soft light, and paint white over the area that isn't as bright.



I'm so sad that the Rihanna Blend is gone. :(


Your current blend has good comp. I think the way you moved the images around makes it flow a lot better. The text is a big improvement too. It really flows nicely with the rest of the graphic. I will say that there are some image quality issues on the people on it, particularly so on the largest girl. You can see how her skin looks sort of grainy instead of smooth. Really watch out for that on big graphics. It's sometimes possible to hide it a little bit on smaller graphics, but when you have such a large canvas it really shows if the quality isn't there.



Text: I'm going to split this between large text and small.


Large text - I love how much you've been experimenting with your title text. You've used several different fonts, which is great and you're playing with placement on it which is good too. That being said, I've noticed that you are really only using cursive or script fonts for your graphics. I'd encourage you to push yourself a bit further and try some big bold fonts. Keep experimenting with your placement as well. Keep moving it around and playing with where you place it. Also, don't be afraid to move your title text closer to your main model image (usually the largest person on the graphic). Sometimes your text is a bit too far away from your main focal point. Don't be afraid to have your title overlapping or slightly behind a character.


Small text - I think one of your weakest overall areas is your small text. Right now, it seems like most of your small text is in the same font. (correct me if I'm wrong. sometimes it's hard to tell since small font is all so similar.) I'd recommend going through the Serif and Sans Serif sections on dafont.com and downloading some new fonts for small text. I personally like Cinzel, Optimus Princeps, Morva, Yu Gothic, Constantine, Bebas, and basic title, but there are tons of others there too. Work on switching up your small text as much as you switch up your big text. In terms of small text placement, sometimes you have it a bit too spread out, so you can work on bringing the lines a bit closer together. You can also be more creative with your placement of the small text. For example, if you have an image of someone with their arm stuck out, you can run the text along the arm. Or if you have a building in the stock that you're using, you can place the small text along one of the lines in the building. Using the natural lines in your graphic for text can really help the flow.


Composition: I see a lot of improvement in your composition. You're experimenting with where you place your people and text. Your stock use is improving as well. Overall, the flow is getting better and better. Just keep pushing further with it and experimenting. Try using people who are lying down or sitting. Try making a banner with only one person on it or a CI with 4 people on it. Try stacking your text over part of your character.


Coloring: I do think your coloring is getting better, but there are still occasions where your coloring is too heavy. The best advice I've been given is that you want colors to look natural (which is a huge struggle for me since I love bright), but it's true to a certain extent, especially when using stock. You want your colors to be vivid and crisp, but not overly bright or high on saturation. I think this will continue to improve naturally as you continue to grow as an artist, but some things that help are playing with some of the color tools like levels, color balance, selective coloring, etc.


Hard Cuts: Your hard cuts are looking pretty good. I'm not seeing any halos or background pieces on them, so that's good. The only little bit of advice that I wanted to give you about that was to take the blur tool, set it on low opacity (like 20-30%) and just run it around the edges of an image after your finished cutting it. It'll make the edges look smoother.


I know this is a huge wall of crit and I hope it isn't too much. You really are doing incredibly well and I'm only telling you all of this because I think you have a lot of promise. It took me like 6 months just to make junior and here you are just a few months in and already promoted! I know it doesn't feel like it sometimes, but you're well ahead of the curve. :) Keep experimenting and trying new things and I know you'll be racing through the ranks really soon. :)


If you have any questions about any of this or you want some help, you can always feel free to PM me or reach out to me on twitter.




Keep up the great work Lia!



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Hey Kaitlin, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me some much needed CC. I'll PM you with questions/comments when I absorb this some more :)

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Guest RéaltaCleite

Hi, Lia! Thank you for posting my work at "A Place to Squee v.9".


I really like your CI, 'Cold Summer', the color and the position of each character is very elegant.


I also like 'Muggle Studies' banner, the compo and the indigo blue tone color is very impressive.


You have various fonts used in your graphics. It's fun to see them.

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Hi Lia! I see such a beautiful gallery here :wub:


i especially love your muggle studies banner because the colouring and comp is beautiful as well as your chapter images, they're gorgeous!


i cannot wait to see what else you come up with <3

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