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Posting! You know how much I love you. Will edit with a longer one when on my PC. <3

Oh, Tomi Lee... My darling. You are the most awesomest of awesomes.

I know I dragged you to come back to graphic-making and I couldn't have been happier that you did

and that your style has evolved and grown and gotten so good!
So happy that I forced you to use more tumblry type textures because this and this and this are just

WOW. OMG. So amazeballs.

Your coloring is just so lush and vibrant and UGH. I want to learn your secrets. (I know. You told me

but seriously? I just. CANNOT.)

I also love that you're getting more comfortable making icons. i'm rubbing off on you. bahahahaha.
So proud that you've been so active. <3 It's just made you so much more skilled and good

and just. UGH. I love it all! :D Well done!

Imma stop here because if I don't I will keep squeeing. hahahaha

love you muchlies. Can you believe the number of YEARS we've known each other?



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hi tomi! welcome back to tda!!

i'm literally obsessed with everything in here :wub:

your texture use is so gorgeous and looks so smooth - teach me how???

seriously the texture use in +this is UNREAL :drop: :drop:

your comp is incredible too.

+this is obviously sorcery and +this is too smooth and pretty to be real :worship: :worship: :worship:

please make more pretties for me to swoon over!!

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sorry I so late replying guys. I'm horrid. :(


Carla: I LOFF YOU. Thank you for forcing me to come back, kicking and screaming lols. And OH SO MANY YEARS. We are oldies. <3


Isabel: Thank you, lovely <3. You're pretty much one of the sweetest people ever, and I shall squish you forever.

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OH HAI THERE, lovely. :wub:
We are finally in the same neighborhood. JESUS, you don't know how happy I am right now.
You deserve this so much. SO SO SO MUCH.
I've seen your style grow and evolve and I know it will evolve and grow more.
I see firsthand how HARD you work and for that alone I am so happy you've finally gotten it.
ENJOY IT, DARLING!!!! :glomp:

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congrats on winning MC Tomi!!! :yahoo: your graphics are absolutely gorgeous!!! :drop: how do you icon???? :worship: love how you colour your graphics, especially the CI's and icons!!! :wub: KEEP MAKING MOREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :worship: :worship: :worship:

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Hey! Wow you use such incredible colours in your graphics! Absolutely love your chapter images, they're definitely a strength of yours :)


Can't wait to see some more graphics soon.

niika <3

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hey tomi! I'm surprised I haven't been here yet - your pieces are so lovely!! :wub:
I love that you use both textures and stock - i love to see artists dabbling with both (and doing it well)
I really love the Gal Gadot blend, the colours and the textures are very pretty, and the composition of this ci++ is gorgeous too!

Though my favourite piece has to be this++ signature. The colours, and the stock use, and the text!! I love all of it!


can't wait to see more of your stuff ^_^


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