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04.2019 // The Book It Challenge // 1st place

03.2019 // April DA Digest Challenge // 3rd place

01.2018 // The Continuous Base Challenge // 2nd place

02.2017 // The "Crop That Canvas" Challenge // 1st place

02.2017 // Up & Coming // 2nd place

07.2014 // The Crazy Pairs Challenge // 3rd place

12.2013 // Draw Your World Challenge! // 3rd place

11.2012 // The Boyband Challenge // 3rd place

10.2012 // The Monochrome Lighting and Contrast Challenge // 2nd place




















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hi sankavi! welcome back to tda!

I think I remember you from the last time I was active!

I absolutely adore your graphics! your coloring is gorgeous, especially in +these!

+this is also incredible!

your text and comp are so lovely too!

please keep making more pretties! glad to see you back!

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@ isabel: yes! i remember you! im like slowly getting back to being more active lol. and omg you're so lovely, ty <3


@haley: SUP DAWG :D now that i've made a new gallery, it's your turn ;) and thank yooou <3


@spacebaby: omg thank you so much! and thanks for stopping by :happy:

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hey sankavi!! I'm here with some late (sorry about that) crit that you requested back in the new year!! You've got some great skills in here, and your composition is amazing!! In this crit I'm going to talk about text, with some suggestions and how to's, and I'll mention texture use a little bit, specifically lighting textures :)





​Okay, to start off - I'm going to show you examples of your best text, because there's a few pieces where what you've done looks great! This++ is, in my opinion, the strongest piece in your gallery and I really love everything about it. But in regards to text especially, it works really well. The colour is one from the graphic, it's readable, it isn't too busy and it doesn't conflict with the focal point too much. Similarly here++ you've used a colour from the graphic, and the people from the base are interacting with it...which is good because then it doesn't look slapped on or like it was a last minute thought. I think that's where people seem to go wrong with text, is that it's rushed because they don't like it. The first bit of advice I can give is to treat it like any other part of graphic making. Take your time with it, think about colours and fonts, what will work and what you're trying to get across. This top banner++ for example, the text looks a little last minute, I think the colour works really well - but it's not exciting and it doesn't mesh with the rest of the graphic. I would've had the text go along the guy's shoulder, which would've made it part of the graphic more. Similarly with the bottom banner, 'fly' looks really slapped on. An interesting idea would've been to decrease the space between the letters, and move it to the left a little more - and then put it behind the person's head, so that it took out part of the F - if that makes sense?

I would just say to remember text guidelines: always use a colour from the graphic, never make it bigger than the focal point unless it is ​the focal point, and always use a readable font that works with the graphic (so like edgy modern fonts don't generally work for stock, just like script fonts don't often work with textures).


​Right now I think your problem is that you use too many textures for lighting or colouring and it makes the graphic look far too busy. So for example here++ and here++ the lighting textures actually distract from the piece itself because they're too strong. Personally I'd lower the opacity on them so that they don't overpower the graphics, because they're actually really good! Outside of lighting textures, on pieces like this++ the amount of textures and lack of blending is way too much. The blend above it is gorgeous because you've blended well, and there's stuff going on, but not too much. For me, and I think for your style, I would say that less is definitely more. If you use layer modes with your textures and it makes the graphic look messy - it means you either have to take it off, or you have to erase a bit so that you can see the people in your graphic.

Because I feel like this crit is a little short, I'm also going to throw in a cleanout. You don't have to follow this, these are just my opinions - so if you want to ignore this then I don't mind!


x - for reasons mentioned above

x - the girl is cut too awkwardly, the guy and girl are too far apart, and the text doesn't work

x - the text is too big, it conflicts with the focal point, and the faces are too pink/purple

x - the textures are a little messy, the skin tones of all the people don't match, the girl closest to the text is grainy and LQ

I hope this was helpful! If there's anything that needs clarifying, or if I was too harsh or anything else you can think of - feel free to PM me!


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So I know you haven't been able to update your gallery in a little while, but figured I would drop by anyway and leave a comment since I was stalking :D


You have such a skill in composition - teach me your ways! I've been trying to work on my focal point in graphics and yours are so well done it's incredible <3 Especially love all of your sigs and this is completely gorgeous <3 The same goes for your banners too :wub:


Keep up the wonderful work <3



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@ beyond the rain: thank you!!!! this was a much needed crit/cleanout (im also sorry for replying to this so so soooo late ;-;)


@ kirjava : asldjalsdjalsdkals, ty for stopping by uwu

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I am so in love with your gallery. Everything is absolutely gorgeous! I am like, dying over the composition of stuff it's just? Perfection? It's so creative and amazing and gorgeous. I am ready to like, give up my whole life just for +this blend like? Who do you think you are??? I am just really in love with everything here and just! Truly amazing.

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