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The Dark Arts

greetings fellow earthlings

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So uh, I'm Sammi, and I'm very very new to....the notion of graphics and the like. Like I've always admired from afar and have wanted to learn (I used to use InDesign and whatnot in high school but that was ages ago now) so here I am...being a giant scared bean. Advice/tips/resources or even just moral support is welcomed!



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sammi sammi sammi sammi welcome to tdaa <3

i'm rly glad we could all convince u to join and i'm rly excited to see you make graphics and get into it and obvs if you have any questions you know where to find me ily :loves::loves::loves:

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hey sammi - i see they convinced you to join somewhere new too (are they persuasive or are they persistent and just wear us down)

if you have any questions or need help from a tda oldie like me then PM me any questions! I hope you enjoy it here!



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hi sammi! 'tis me, alison, we met a long time ago in an rp far far away if you are indeed the sammi i think you are ;) i mod the dueling arena so feel free to pm me with any questions there. i recommend entering challenges asap as they're a great way to get your creativity going! also the artist q&a in the tutorial center is great help too. welcome!

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