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+ S H O N A.  3 0.   P H O T O S H O P +






* r e v a m p i n g -- 12/12/2020 *




- S I G N A T U R E S -













- B A N N E R S -







- O T H E R S -











ax59W2t.png   jCL5PNf.png

❤️ Gorgeous awards by starbuck., starbuck. (top line), golden., and afterglow (bottom line) ❤️



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omg firstly, I just want to say how freaking cute your duck icons are!!

I always forget how cute ducks can be, forgive me xD

I think signatures are definitely your strongest graphic type but I think you're doing so good

:) I cannot wait to see more!!

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Hi Kelsey!


Thank you so much for dropping by that's so incredibly kind of you! :loves: And thank you so much for the encouraging words too :glomp: (I love ducks toooooo! Though I suppose they're one of those things you forget about until you remember them again and love them again eh? :'D )


Thank you so much again! <3

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welcome back to TDA, shona! :hug:


i'm really loving your blend-y thingie and your chapter image - the blend is so unusual and very cool :loves: and the chapter image has wonderful soft colouring :wub:

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Ahh thank you so much for dropping by with your lovely words - it's so so kind of you :glomp: And I'm going to steal this opportunity to also say thank you for the critique too - I can't tell you how much that helps so I really appreciate that you took the time out to write it <3 :kiss:

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hello shona! i wanted to thank you for swinging by my gallery and saying such lovely things (and like that stuff about icons. WHAAAT!?!)


i absolutely adore your coloring and comp work, like it is to die for, and i also absolutely adore your fonts. like they're perfect for graphics and i find myself using the same like three so your variety is quite envious!!

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you have some serious skills and i am a fan.

i especially love this+ blend and the unique puppy shape you went with

the composition of this+ chapter egg is really lovely and works great with the content

and i adore your use of transparency and font in this+ banner

keep up the good work!

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Hi Sammi!


Thank you for dropping by, too! And I meant it about the icons - look at my gallery - I have none and for a reason, too! Haha! And thank you so much for your lovely words, truly <3 Using the same fonts repeatedly used to be one of my big critiques back in the day so since then I've gone and downloaded a tonne from the magical dafont and I'm playing around with them in the hope that the right one fits :) Thank you so soooo much! :glomp:



Hi Kat!


Omgosh thank you so much for your incredibly lovely words! Can't tell you how much I appreciate that, and especially that you took the time out to leave such a lovely comment so thank you thank you too! Also I love your username so much <3 :glomp:

Edited by Kirjava
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Hi Shona!
I love the uniqueness of your comp! Like with +this. You wouldn't expect it to work, but it does! I also like the comp on +this, as well as the colouring! Speaking of colouring, I also love it on the CI I already mentioned, and on +this signature. Your blend is so cool too! I like the contrast of the bright, colourful flowers around the edge and the dark, mono interior!

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hey shona :loves:


you've improved a lot since we did the short promo crits for march :wub: i love how you're experimenting and working on text, it's gotten loads better. my favourites are your banners and your sigs - the comp in them really tells a story :D

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Hi Amy!


Aw thank you so much for stopping by! You're so very sweet <3 That CI is winding me up haha I need a gallery clearout I think :') You are so very sweet - thank you! <3



Hiya Rodrigo!


It's so lovely of you to drop by! Thank you for taking the time out to do so! <3 And also for your lovely comments - trying to get better :D





Wouldn't have gotten better if it weren't for that critique - seriously they help so much - so thank you for doing them and for dropping by with a comment again. It's really lovely of you! Thank you! <3


:loves: :loves: :loves:

Edited by Kirjava
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Hi hi!! Your gallery is so lovely, and your banners are to die for! So soft and pretty, with great texture use!

I also love that you're not afraid of bold fonts, they can add so much to a graphic!

Can't wait to see what other pretties you make :loves:

- Georgia

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hey, shona!!! i wanted to return your lovely gallery comment <3
you've been working really hard on tda lately and your gallery looks so great, i am crazy about +this chapter image, the background is so subtle and well-done, not to mention the outstanding composition!

i also really love the coloring in +this sig, the pink shades work so well with the white, it's lovely.
your recent entry for the fruit challenge is also one of my favs, i really love what you did with the text and the general vibrancy of the whole piece.
i hope to see more of your graphics soon!! have a great week :dumbles::loves:

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Georgia! Ahh I'm so sorry for taking ages to reply! omgosh thank you so much for dropping by :wub: Seriously your comments have made me feel so much better about the text haha (I suck at text!)


Dayna! Eek thank you!!! I remember when I started out and always had the same two and it was always my biggest critique, so I'm glad I've finally gotten rid of that problem haha Thank you for your lovely comments! <3 The number of hours I spent moving all those people around and flipping them back to front and changing sizes.. gahh D: :lol:Glad you think it seems to work okay! <3


Ashley! You are so so incredibly sweet - thank you so much for such lovely comments! :wub: Your words are very kind and I shall do my best to keep trying to improve in between throwing my laptop out the window! haha! But genuinely, I can't thank you enough for the feedback - it really does help to know what seems to work and why <3


Thank you all so much! So humbling to have such lovely comments :worship: :worship: :worship:

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Guest dehlles
Hey Shona! :D

Dropping in to say how lovely your graphics are. You have a great sense of composition - I especially love it in your 2nd signature, chapter image, your 1st and 3rd (horizontal) banners. Your coloring is pretty too!

Do keep up the great work! :dumbles:

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