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hey jess!! ^_^

i'm loving your green/b&w colouring - it's really quite different to the usual :loves:

also your sigs are literally perfect, their comp&text are absolutely wonderful! :wub:

my favourite is definitely this++ :drop:

keep making pretties!

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hiiii! i love your ability to utilize multiple colors in your works...its crazy how well everything is so cohesive! especially since green is a bit tricky for me to work with! keep up the wonderful work!

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wow i am obsessed with your text use on all of your graphics

i love the composition of this+ signature

and this+ blend has wow'd me beyond belief

keep up the great work! i'd love to see what you can do with a banner or a set of icons, i bet it'll be amazing

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Hello Jess!


Ah what a lovely gallery you have! (I have feel Little Red Riding Hood now...). But seriously, your style is so unique and different to what you would see as a norm that it's a please staring at your graphics because the more I look, the more I see, and it really highlights the amount of intricate detailing that you put into it! <3


Also can I just squee at your https://orig00.deviantart.net/5135/f/2018/065/1/b/603_by_withouthesitating-dc55w13.png'>here. How absolutely perfect! Such a great use of negative space within...positive space? It's simply perfect :wub:


Keep up the great work! <3



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hey Jess, I'm Sofia! :hiwave: first of all let me say how amazing your graphics are!!! :wub: your style is sooo different from what is seen here and I definitely I could make sigs like you do! :worship: love your colouring and composition skills and I definitely can't wait to see more! :D also, congrats on the promo! it's very well deserved! :D ^_^

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Kris - Thank you so much, I've just been on a green kick lately for coloring I swear none of them are intentionally ever green. Again thank you it means a lot coming from you.


Sammi - thank you so much


Kat - thank you so much, I have done icons and banners in the past. I've just kind of gotten lazy to make them lately, I'll eventually get around there as I'm just kind of letting my mind go when I create graphics right now.


Shona - thank you, I do love to be outside the box. And I'm glad you love all the small details I love having hidden things in. Again thank you so much


Sofia - thank you as I said before I love being different from the rest. Thank you so much for the comment it means a lot to me.

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hey Jess!! congratulations on your promotion! i looooove your style. it's so beautiful and unique the way you work with mono and semi-mono, and the way you layer everything together.



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Thank you and that is a really cute award thank you so much. And I've never actually thought of my self has a mono person, but I guess it kind of is whatever right now with coloring.

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Honestly come here as frequently as you want (I know I don't updated much, but perks of being on 4 sites) and I finally did put that piece in there. It's a special piece to me as I was having trouble with text and read something on facebook and got the idea for the quote so definitely one of my more favorite pieces I've done. But again thanks for stopping by.


I've finally mass updated this with about 10 new pieces, I think lol.

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Hi Jess. I'm here with your critique. Can I just say that I am awe of your gallery. It is so colourful and pretty, your style is amazing.


Reptative Fonts

I have noticed in six of your graphics you use the same font, +this is the font I mean - the one used for 'skinny dipping'. I think it is the same font but please do correct me if I am wrong. Through its repetative use it feels like it is your go to, comfort zone font. I mean don't get me wrong it works in every graphic you made using it but it can start making the graphics look samey even though they are completely different. I'd suggest experimenting with new fonts and that way it might spark your muse and you can make more different graphics. Browse dafont and see if you find any new ones you like. There is nothing wrong with downloading similar fonts to the one you currently use but make sure it looks different so a difference between the two can be seen. You also have fallen into the habit of using the same font for the subtext and again that can make it feel samey. Try and experiment with different fonts for your subtext.


Repetative Comp

I have noticed that you tend to group everything together in one place on the graphic, which looks great but leaves quite a bit of unused space on the graphic. In order to get out of this rut maybe try and use the whole of the canvas space rather than grouping everything onto one side. To break this repetativeness you need to experiment. Get out of your comfort zone, break free from your norm. To help with this I suggest maybe downloading new textures etc and this way it might spark your creativity. You can still keep your style obviously but it is just getting you to make new things with new textures or fonts etc. Also try adding more or less people into the graphic. In your signatures you use mainly two people and on your banners you use three people. Play around with it and see what you can come up with.


Focal Point

I have noticed that your focal points mostly tend to be your text more than the people on the graphic. So maybe try changing it up a bit and making a person on your graphic the focal point instead of the text. For example, on your banners my eye is drawn to the text (it may different for other people) rather than the larger people on them. I'm not saying that text should not be your focal point but I'm just staying add some variation to break away from your repetative comp. +here my eye is drawn to the text more than the larger person because they are similar sizes and competing for my focus. If the main text had been smaller then my focus would be drawn to the larger model.


Moving forward

All you have to do is experiment a little bit more, try new things. Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. It is what every artist falls into every now and again, so you are not alone. Download new textures, new fonts and try to use the whole canvas, all of this may spark your muse and get you out of the rut you are stuck in. Look for inspiration in other galleries and see if that helps. Be creative and you may be surprised at the results.


Mini challenge - Create a graphic (any size you chose) and it must include four people (this can be from the same photoshoot or different people). I'd like to see a new font that you have never used before but I want the graphic to still be kept in your colourful style whilst using the whole canvas.


I hope this mini critique has helped you in some way. If you have any questions then please feel free to PM me.



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Hi Jess, I’m here for your winter critique. I’ve always admired your graphics and how you do your text. My favourite pieces are +this and +this. I love the use of different fonts for the text.


Repetitive placements

I’ve noticed you tend to group everything to the right of the blend. I’m not saying it is a bad thing but when you look through your gallery everything follows the same line. I know placements are hard due to the space available on different graphic sizes but there are a couple of ways you correct this issue. One way is to divide your graphic into three sections, whether that is horizontally or vertically. This can also help you figure out where you want your focal point to be too. Another way is creating a grid on your graphic that divides it into 9 sections, similar to that in photography. Doing these methods can make you more aware of where you place the main parts of the graphic.


If you find yourself putting everything on the same side of a graphic again then maybe you could try flipping the whole graphic, before adding text. It helps create a new placement for text and other elements you might add.



You have a very distinct colouring style…all those reds, yellows, oranges and blues. I feel that these colours are your comfort zone, again not a bad thing but it is often nice to experiment. A great way of experimenting is to use a colour palette generator such as +this. Find colour palettes you like and save them for future reference. Try to choose colours that are not your usual colours. Find a palette with greens, pinks, pastel colours etc. Do not be afraid to experiment. The more you do the more it will come more naturally.


Blending thing out

A solution to this is to create a graphic that follows the ‘less is more’ saying. Stripping back your graphics and focusing on trying to blend the different elements out to create a more cohesive look might help. Try making a graphic that only has five or less textures on it rather than piling tons on to hide or cover up things. Often when I make a graphic, I tend to use brushes on a layer mask, whether it be on model images of textures. I find that can really help blend things out, making it feel more seamless. It also takes the harsh edge off of a texture if it does not cover the whole of your graphic. You can find some creative brush packs on deviantart. Another way to blend everything together is to stick to certain layer modes. More often than not in my graphics I will only ever use ‘darken’, ‘multiply’, ‘lighten’ and ‘screen’ for textures as I feel they give off the best effect, but that is my personal preference.


Do not be afraid to make a graphic that has a more minimalist look like +this. Less is more. Quality over quantity.



Upon looking at your graphics I have noticed that some of your graphics look a little bit over sharpened, making the text a little bit pixelated like on +this. My tip for this is to hide all your text layers and colouring layers (clicking the little eye button by the side of each layer), then select all of your other layers and press ctrl + shift + alt + E (or the equivalent on mac) to create a new layer of everything grouped together. Since it is placed underneath all of your text and colouring layers means they will not be affected when you filtered that grouped layer. It stops your text becoming pixelated or being changed in any way due to filtering.


Focal Points

Text as the focal point seems to be another common theme. Even though you have models in your graphics they seem to be lost or hidden underneath all the textures and text. Whilst having text as your focal point is not a bad thing it would be nice to see you change it up from time to time. Have less text and more focus on the models. Experiment with different types of focal points such as having a model upside down or having a large model with small amounts of text.


I hope I have helped you in some way. If you have any questions about anything I have mentioned then feel free to DM me.



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hi jess, I'm jess :P


your gallery is absolutely stunning and I am in love with your style, but I came for this+ blend (which I saw while stalking last creations), and it's still stealing the show for me even now that I'm here :wub: (though this+ is probably a close second!). both text + big graphics scare me, so I'm definitely envious of your amazing grasp on both! in all seriousness, I love your bright colours, text placement, and overall comp -- absolutely to die for and I'm sure I'll be looking again as you add more stuff!!

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