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Hiya Gaby!


First!! Ahh! I almost always never get the first comment post! :OOOOO


And what a gallery to get a first-commentator post in! :O You have such a beautiful style of graphics! It's so soft and...cloudy! Is that a style? If it isn't, you've made it a style! Everything is so delicate and floaty and pretty :loves:


I especially love +this because the detail and number of models you've managed to get into that banner is insane! And I also love that blend!


Also eee congrats on your promo this month! So very well deserved :queen:


Can't wait to see more of your things!



Edited by Kirjava
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second! :P


hey Gaby! :D I have to say your gallery is filled with gorgeous graphics!!! :wub: :wub: :wub: your icons are amazing, especially the ones themed with the new Fantastic Beasts trailer... :worship: your banners... :drop: :drop: :drop: HOW DO YOU IT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? :worship: I love how soft your graphics look and the colouring as well! :wub: keep making more will you? ^_^




P.S.: also congrats on your promo this month! :D:hug:

Edited by prongsbeak
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(belated) congratulations gaby!!! i know you've been waiting for this promo for a long time, and it's very well deserved <3 i can't wait to see more from you!



Edited by choobacca
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@Kirjava Hi Shona, Yay for first comment! Thank you so much. It could be a new style, maybe we should name it lol. That banner took me ages to do, trying to get everything right.


@prongsbeak Sofia, thank you so so much for your kind comments :loves: Of course I'll make more.


@choobacca Alison, thank you so much. It feels so good to finally be a master artist. Thank you for your present too.

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congratulations on your featured nom!

i've actually been meaning to come look at all your things since i saw that emilia sig in the last creation thread (or maybe it was the squee thread?) i love the colors of it and the blending is just so smooth, it's beautiful. thank you for making the colorful icon challenge as well, i had been hoping for an icon challenge to pop up and it was a great way to sort of test my own abilities. i'm definitely going to check back and see if you have more stuff to ogle soon

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gabyyyyyyy ❤️ hi hi, you already know how much i adore your graphics but i wanted to come in here and tell you anyway. you have such a clean style and your colouring techniques are some of my favourite, honestly. i look forward to seeing more of them, my love :loves:

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@concise Thank you so much. That means a lot. You are most welcome.


@rewritethefinallines Ashley, thank you. That is (and always will be) my favourite sig.


@suga. Mafee, thank you those words mean a lot. Pop back anytime to see something new (when I get round to making it) :loves:

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Hi Gaby! I'm here with your requested critique. Sorry it's taken me a few days, but we're gonna dive straight in.  So, we're going to talk about all the things you discussed in your form - mainly variety.  Seeing as you mentioned using PSDs, I'm going to offer some tips on colouring if that's okay! If you're not interested, feel free to ignore!



Everyone knows that variety is every master artists worst enemy. We've got through all the promotions, now the challenge is to maintain the standard, don't fall into a rut, but the graphics you make still have to be good. It's a strange, invisible sort of pressure that I used to feel when I first got to this rank. I see a lot of sverige (i think that's the name of the font? correct me if i'm wrong!), a lot of scripty fonts, and a lot of karen gillan, emilia clarke, and jenna coleman. I'm incredibly guilty of this myself (Hello period films, hello Keira Knightley!) - but I will say when you indulge in this often, you find yourself creating a lot of the same content. My advice would be to find new models, faces that you like, and look through their photoshoot galleries! There's a lot of up and coming models, you could search through editorials, and try to mix things up. Graphics are about story telling, and there's only so many times you can retell the same story.  


In your banners, the composition is a little similar in that most things seem to be happening in the centre of the graphic. We both know there's nothing wrong with that, but it's repetitive. I also find that if everything is in the centre, your eyes sort of group everything together - and little bits and pieces we worked hard on get missed? If that makes sense. Another tip would be, once you have the base down of whatever graphic you're making go back to your gallery and see if it reminds you of anything you've recently made. If it has, how can you change it? Normally I flip it, maybe I'll add/remove a few faces or reposition things. 




You mentioned variety in your text styles, and in the shadows you use - and I'm going to talk about this a little bit. Sometimes drop shadows and strokes are necessary, sometimes they're not. In your blend 'baby' is actually perfect, the colours and the effects work really well and it helps make everything pop. In some instances, I think the effects you've used decrease quality. The effects used in the 'ghost' signature, 'bewitched' CI, and 'birdsong' banner make the text look over pixelated. Generally I think of using them as a necessity, and they're one method to make the text more clear. But in other cases they can alienate the text from the rest of the piece. Sometimes you can just use a fluffy brush/gradient layer behind the text to darken or lighten the base behind the text so that it's more readable. 


colouring tips: 


These might be totally irrelevant, but here's just a few ideas and things to consider when trying your own colouring! Like I said before, feel free to ignore this section! 


  • make sure the images you use on the base are matching in colour. If I'm using outdoor/nature stock, I always try and use the hue/saturation tool or colour mixer so that all the greens are a similar shade. This makes the finished product a bit more cohesive.
  • think about what mood/what story you're wanting to project. Colours can reflect certain moods. Obvious ones like red =anger, blues/purples = sad, pink/yellow = happy etc. etc. 
  • channel mixer is an important tool. It helps create a colour scheme, rather than having colours all over the place. 
  • when using gradient maps, try to start out by picking colours from the graphic itself! 
  • you can also use gradient layers of say any colour to white, or colour to colour, set it to linear and then play around with different layer modes! 
  • there's no rule saying you can't use one tool more than once. Sometimes I'll use channel mixer three times in one graphic. It's addictive! 





x - I actually really like this banner, it's just not as good as the others. Specifically, the colouring is a little flat and the text conflicts with the girl being the focal point. 

x - There isn't enough, I feel like you could've made more use of the negative space. You could easily fit another two models in there. Additionally, I think it's a little under-contrasted.



x - I believe this signature is fairly old. I actually really love the composition, I think it's so creative. Unfortunately, I think the text doesn't match the rest of the sig. Personally, I would've had it on the right hand side in the black space - and used another font. It's a little difficult to read. Or, I would suggest creating a brush stroke layer/border layer. 




I would like you to make a chapter image with three people in the base. No old faces, I want someone who isn't in this gallery! I would also like to see a new font, preferably one that isn't script. This challenge is totally optional, but if you do manage to complete it - send me the graphic over. In my old critique thread from 300 years ago before I would crit the graphic they completed, or we'd just talk about any struggles/parts of the challenge they enjoyed etc. My inbox is open to any sort of discussion. 


wrap it up: 


You've got all the skills there, now it's about pushing yourself. You need to be critical of yourself, not in a 'this is terrible' way - because I'll bet that whatever you've made isn't terrible. At all. Just, oh that comp works but I've done it three times already. Pick something different, and commit to it! I hope this was useful, and if you have any questions then I'm a PM away. 




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@beyond the rain thank you so much Bex ❤️ I agree with everything. I think I needed to hear it for me to be able to try something new and be more creative. I am totally willing to try to perfect my own colouring so your tips are very helpful. 

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