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★ ★ G A B Y

24 | UK

(all graphics contain psds)



























jn2itrc.png   6SPqSQL.png






















YBW - Most Improved December 2012 (by ladycobra)

Promoted to Junior - Jan 2013 (by Contour)

Promoted to Senior - April 2013 (by Mercury)

Promoted to Graduate - May 2013 (by Contour)

Most Critiques filled - July 2014 (by fiction.saviour)

Best at Icons Finalist - Dark Mark Awards 2015 (by starbuck)

Most Helpful Member Winner - Dark Mark Awards 2015 (by starbuck)

Promoted to Master Artist - May 2018 (by miss atomic bomb)

YBW - Graduate Artist February 2018 (by klutzy_kara)

YBW - Graduate Artist April 2018 (by beyond the rain)






sanami276 || narcoticplease || webtreatsETC || AranzA || djalina ||

resurgere || anliah || so ghuslaine || kuschelirmel || frozenDi ||

expose42 || Mo-01 || Alegion-stock ||dutchystock || Camaryn-Wallpaper ||

froozen_tears ||Packeranatic || artik_nlimby || Bourniio || kuschelirmel_stock ||

rosebein || denoctem || miss-deviante ||dontayyy || tanja92 ||

waitingondhr || krypteriahg || accio glow || silviabilia || northendawn ||

boyinunderground ||BiGids || carllton || maybe-bec || hyberboreans ||

mrs-padfoot || nyvelvet || innocentlexys || xsleepingswanx ||elisacunningham ||

scatterflee || magnifiquen || dennytang || germanontgaga || topassilem ||

nk_ash || evey_v || spud66cat || theninetails || lonelybeat ||

sweetxpie || alexshadowp || kaleidoscopicdreams || ecstasyv || lumsx ||

sweetexcerpt || yomasupalova || rodiennes || itsmorphine || theedgeofdemi


TDA/TDA Resources

Carnal Spiral || DougTM || 19sixtynine || AranzA || Ravenenchantress ||

PhoenixAlthor || avalanche || &themoon || strangeluv || moriarty. ||

heartfelt. || empyreal || leg0las_luvr || a.perfect.lie || caraphenalia ||

sanadamaiko || deciet || luffprincess || easteriles || abyss ||

azimuth ||



sacmaluk || Gallicka || allbany_tim || alexbrn || CmdrCord ||

MatHampson || maya || mutantMardias || Stephane Gaudry ||

Obsidian Dawn || photoshopresources || longwaydown || pinkblossom.org ||

planetsbendbetweenus || maeappleseeds

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Hiya Gaby!


First!! Ahh! I almost always never get the first comment post! :OOOOO


And what a gallery to get a first-commentator post in! :O You have such a beautiful style of graphics! It's so soft and...cloudy! Is that a style? If it isn't, you've made it a style! Everything is so delicate and floaty and pretty :loves:


I especially love +this because the detail and number of models you've managed to get into that banner is insane! And I also love that blend!


Also eee congrats on your promo this month! So very well deserved :queen:


Can't wait to see more of your things!



Edited by Kirjava

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second! :P


hey Gaby! :D I have to say your gallery is filled with gorgeous graphics!!! :wub: :wub: :wub: your icons are amazing, especially the ones themed with the new Fantastic Beasts trailer... :worship: your banners... :drop: :drop: :drop: HOW DO YOU IT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? :worship: I love how soft your graphics look and the colouring as well! :wub: keep making more will you? ^_^




P.S.: also congrats on your promo this month! :D:hug:

Edited by prongsbeak

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(belated) congratulations gaby!!! i know you've been waiting for this promo for a long time, and it's very well deserved <3 i can't wait to see more from you!



Edited by choobacca

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@Kirjava Hi Shona, Yay for first comment! Thank you so much. It could be a new style, maybe we should name it lol. That banner took me ages to do, trying to get everything right.


@prongsbeak Sofia, thank you so so much for your kind comments :loves: Of course I'll make more.


@choobacca Alison, thank you so much. It feels so good to finally be a master artist. Thank you for your present too.

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congratulations on your featured nom!

i've actually been meaning to come look at all your things since i saw that emilia sig in the last creation thread (or maybe it was the squee thread?) i love the colors of it and the blending is just so smooth, it's beautiful. thank you for making the colorful icon challenge as well, i had been hoping for an icon challenge to pop up and it was a great way to sort of test my own abilities. i'm definitely going to check back and see if you have more stuff to ogle soon

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gabyyyyyyy ❤️ hi hi, you already know how much i adore your graphics but i wanted to come in here and tell you anyway. you have such a clean style and your colouring techniques are some of my favourite, honestly. i look forward to seeing more of them, my love :loves:

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@concise Thank you so much. That means a lot. You are most welcome.


@rewritethefinallines Ashley, thank you. That is (and always will be) my favourite sig.


@suga. Mafee, thank you those words mean a lot. Pop back anytime to see something new (when I get round to making it) :loves:

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