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The Dark Arts
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Shadow Walkers - Urban Supernatural RP

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Guest SW Staff

[b]Site Name[/b] Shadow Walkers
[b]URL[/b] http://shadow-walkers-rp.proboards.com/
[b]Category[/b] Original RP



Rules | World Setting | Races | Character Creation Guide

Welcome to Imbrum, home of crime. Two families own Imbrum, the Faye's and the Drexel's. There's unrest in the air; as if it is what created Imbrum--and perhaps it did, who knows how a city so large, so polluted with crime, was created? Then, you have the Shadow Walkers, a brewing rebellion underground... The Coliseum, where Conchen are pitted against one another; gladiators fight to the death with or without their abilities, for the amusement of those who are richest. After all, only the twisted are rich off of blood money. Where do you fall in all of this? The options are endless.

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