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How to Request a Graphic 2.0

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Welcome to TDA! Thank you for requesting a graphic with us! Here is a basic tutorial to help you navigate around the Requesting Arena :) 



Depending on what kind of graphic you're looking for, you will request in a different subforum. Remember that a graphic you are requesting must be for an existing story/website/forum/character/etc.



Each of these forums contains useful links, so please familiarize yourself with them!


  • Now decide who should fill your request. Our Galleries can be found here+ and are divided by rank, with Member Artist being the lowest rank and Master Artist being the highest rank. 


Each requesting forum is divided into three areas:

  1. General Requests: these are open to any Junior, Senior, Graduate, and Master artists to fill. This is where you are when you click on the link to each sub-forum.

From there, you can go to the other two sections:

  1. Specific Requests: if you only want a particular artist or group of artists to fill your request.
  2. Member Artist Requests: post here if you want a Member Artist to fill your request.


Please note that not all artists are not always available so if you want a specific artist to fill your request, it's always best to check their availability first (either by checking their signature or, a safer option, PMing them directly if they are available to fill your request). 


  • Rules of requesting at TDA


If you chose an artist, now would be the time to read the rules. We take copyright rules very seriously, so make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules for requesting graphics+ and copyright rules+.  


  • Now it's time to make a request! 


Go here and grab a form here+. All requests need to be made using the correct form and by filling out all lines! If a line doesn't apply to your request, just put n/a. 


You request a graphic by starting a New Topic in the correct section (look above). Do not mark your request as open by yourself! Here is an example of a banner request form.



It will look like this when you post it



After you click "Submit" button, wait for a moderator to mark your request as [open] and for an artist to pick it up. The tags next to the topic title report on the progress of your graphic making! 

[open] - a request was reviewed by a moderator and is up for grabs!

[pending] - sometimes moderators will have questions about your request before they open it

[Being Filled] - an artist picked up your request and is working on it

[Awaiting Pickup] - your graphic is ready for pick up

[Awaiting Changes] - you requested changes and an artist is working on them

[Awaiting Screencap] - for sites that aren't guest friendly, we require a screencap of the graphic being used after you pick it up

[Reopened] - either the artist couldn't make your graphic or it wasn't what you requested, in such case, the request is reopened

[COMPLETE] - congratulations! Your request was completed!



The Giant Eraser forum is for any changes, be they major or minor, on any graphic you have requested on TDA.


If you requested a graphic some time ago (months, or even years), and the artist is still active, you may ask them to remake the graphic entirely. Or, perhaps you only need a small change - a different quote or different image. For either of these cases, you can use this forum.


We ask that you use the Giant Eraser rather than requesting changes in private (via PM) so that we can make sure that the final graphic still follows the rules, particularly of HPFF. The Giant Eraser was originally made for remaking old HPFF banners, but with some adjustments to the request forms, you can make it useful for any type of graphic.



The Up For Grabs area is of particular interest to those who do not want to wait for a request to be filled and for those who have no specific design in mind. Here, artists have posted graphics that need homes - to be honest, it's an adoption centre for graphics, from desktops to forum graphics, banners, and chapter images.




If you have an old graphics and forgot who made it, post here+.




If you still have any questions at all, feel free to post in the Q&A section!

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