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The Dark Arts

November Digest 2018

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Hello and welcome to the November issue of the 2018 DA Digest!
The Digest is a monthly newsletter chronicling monthly events, opinions and accomplishments in the TDA Community. This month's beautiful header is by the talented felis catus. Thanks and congratulations! We'd also like to give a special congratulations to our second and third place winners, GorJesSpazzer! and jellybean jones respectively. Click the header to see their respective entries.


We're back online. If you've found your way over here, you've seen the new link we're using the-dark-arts.org/forums. So now that you're here, come look around the new forum. If you find any bugs post them here, update your gallery and come join the lovely community of people.
Our Vault Special for next month is entering a challenge (inc. general,ict, and uc).
The Digest theme for next month is winter. So put on your snow gear and get ready for a fun filled cold issue. I know I'm ready for it with the snow already on the ground here.


Congratulations to our October Superstars!
Last month, the top three earners were:

GorJesSpazzer! with a total of 195 points!
jellybean jones with a total of 142 points!
ShadowRose with a total of 135 points!

Last month, our highest section earners were:

Requesting Arena:

Lola. and ShadowRose

Duelling Arena:

miss atomic bomb

Critique Corner:




hecate and steve harrington






1 - satellite (En)
5 - choobacca (Alison), hecate. (Vicki)
7 - hellofascination (Tilly)
9 - drinkerOFsouls (Joao)
12 - shangri-la (Wisty)
22 - Photoshopfreak (Amanda)
25 - Miss-Spam-A-Lot (Johanna), clowder (Alanna)
26 - barefootcountess (Emma)
28 - missy (Missy)

Taylor has just recently made her artist gallery and has become increasingly active, always posting in the PYLC, making lots of pretty graphics and posting in her fellow artists' galleries with love and encouragement. She's also been entering and placing in a number of challenges as well as filling requests!

We know, we know this is your favorite part the interview with our lovely Featured Artist. But with TDA's break we've decided to extend the FA for another month. So taylor will be FA for December also which means you will get to see her interview in our December Issue of the Digest.


Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in multiple countries. It originally started as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year.

Thanksgiving Craft
This is a simple and fun craft to do especially if you have kids (or not, we won't tell).

Christmas Craft
In the spirit of Christmas approaching us, this is a cute personal ornament to hang to your tree. And it is really simple and fun to do with children or with a significant other.


-- 2 cups Minute Rice (not cooked)
-- 1 stick of butter softened
-- 1 can of cream of mushroom soup
-- 1 large onion
-- 1/3 cups of celery chopped
-- 1/3 cup of milk
-- salt and pepper to taste
-- 8 oz of cheese whiz (or a bit more never hurts)
-- a bag of shredded cheddar cheese -- a bag of frozen broccoli

1.Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
2.Fry celery and onion till soft
3.Set off to the side to cool
4.Chop broccoli to desired size
5.Get a big bowl out
6.Put rice, butter, mushroom soup, salt, pepper, cheese whiz in the bowl throwing in the onions and celery last
7.Mix everything together
8.Rub butter in a baking dish (Around all the sides and the bottom)
9.Put the mixture in the buttered baking dish
10.Cover with tin foil
11.Bake for 50 minutes

13. Cover in shredded cheese 14.Bake an additional 10 minutes uncovered
This is a hit in my family around the holidays. It's cheesy goodness that has vegetables, but honestly if you're looking for comfort food look no further. This is heaven on a plate.

Thankful For

An Article by Jess (After Midnight)

Thanksgiving is a time of being thankful for everything. Those who don't celebrate this or even those who do probably ask why aren't you thankful all the time? I don't have an answer for that only speculations that are inaccurate. But this isn't about that. It's about what I'm thankful for this year.

I'm thankful for a lot this year. So, I'll go month by month through the year. Starting with our lovely first month January. I'm thankful for the forums I'm on, including TDA. The communities that have grown to accept me as an artist (though I conventionally don't fit into the styles that surround forums.) Everyone is caring and all the comments, gallery critiques, and squees are amazing to see everyday.

February. I'm thankful for my best friend. She may go through hell, but she's always by my side through the stupidest things. I'm thankful for our non-judgemental relationship and that we're going into senior year together because I don't know what I would do without her.

March. I'm thankful for myself. I know that's a selfish thing to say. But I put myself through hell and somehow I still manage to be around for more days to come. I'm thankful for all those days to come I guess would be a better way to put that.

April. I'm thankful for my crazy family. I know we have bad times and we have times of laughter, but we're family, related by blood. I don't know where I would be with out any of you.

May. I'm thankful for band and the successful season we've had. The amount of work we've put into the show and music. Just everything; the blood, sweat, tears, and laughter. I wouldn't have it any other way for the awards we get.

June. I'm thankful for music. I took a risk and got to shoot at one of the biggest pop punk touring festivals. But I'm thankful for music 'cause without it I don't know how I'd survive some days.

July. I'm thankful for my band family. We spend hours upon hours on a field to perfect 12 minutes. But I don't know where I would be without you guys, the gossip, the long hours, and the inside jokes.

August. I'm thankful for the senior class. We've spent the last four years together. We've lost people, we've had hard times and good times. These 4 years have been crazy, but here we are in our final year. The class that has made me grow as a person, the class of being competitive and being outgoing.

September. I'm thankful for my AP photography class. The challenge of the class, the exploration of photography and for not giving up on our ideas even for how crazy they may sound. The bonds we have created by making it through this class when everyone else has dropped. Just everything.

October. I'm thankful for Marching Band Season. I've hinted this through out the few other mentions. But the last time you walk on the field you don't realize what you're giving up. The discipline, the music, the coordination, the family. The hours of practice and everything. Thank you for a wonderful season and a final award at state.

November. I'm thankful for my teachers. The one's that have given me trouble, the one's who have challenged me, the one's who saw potential in me. There are teachers I'm going to miss through my college years and forever more. Thank you for doing your job and challenging me, and getting me to step outside my comfort zone. You'll never know the impact you've had on me.


Returning Veterans


New Welcome Threads


New Galleries Posted


Featured Tutorial

vee's guide to digital painting.

With a brand new forum why not learn a brand new skill and show it off by posting a new designer gallery.

Featured Resource

Jen's All Inclusive Pack No. 01

No inspiration for graphics over the short break? Kick start your muse with this all inclusive pack.

Featured Off-Topic

What did you do over the break?

The title says it all, while TDA was on break what did you do? Did you make graphics? I know I didn't. Or did you spend your time elsewhere? Spill all the tea here.




Even though Steph has only recently joined TDA posted her gallery, she has already wowed me with the graphics she has been posting. I love the orange colouring on this banner and the use of textures on the base!


zpRoSj8.pngShadowRose Hold on a minute while I shout about how lovely Taylor's signature is. From the composition to the text to the colouring! It's just wonderful!




The second I saw this banner, I fell in love with it! There's just something about it that drew me in! The blues are gorgeous and the whole thing just has this really great flow thanks to the blue line and the text!




First of all, how dare you, Kris. How dare you be able to put 10 people on one graphic and make it look so awesome. I'm still completely baffled as to how you managed this, but you did, and you did it with epic style!



felis catus

This CI first caught my eye because of it's shape. The circle texture containing the vast majority of the comp makes for a really interesting graphic to look at! That and the fact that everything within the circle is just perfect!




I can't tell you how much I would pay to have skills like Alishya. I'm constantly amazed by her digital art and this is no exception! I look forward to every time she posts something new!

The Digest In Numbers

Just some stats brought to you by Jess

Just some fun stats for this month brought to you by Jess.

3 almost mental breaks happened while coding this lovely template
2 days of work went into this
almost a 1000 lines of code
3 scratchpads, a notepad, a hastebin, a google doc, dropbox, and tumblr were all used during this project
2 days of complaining and questioning why I did this to myself
1 day of almost just throwing all the code out (because margins and padding suck)
1 day of contemplating why this was harder than coding a skin or tumblr theme
2 hours of crying tears of joy because it was finished

That's all for this month's edition of the DA Digest! A huge thank you to After Midnight, hamylton., lucida. and starbuck for making this month's edition possible! Layout by After Midnight. Please comment below with your opinions and feedback. We'd love to hear from you!

@daredevil @Artemesia @GorJesSpazzer! @finxter365 @ShadowRose @lady.luck @starbuck. @felis catus @Asphodelic

Edited by hamylton.
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Oh my goodness! I can't even begin to imagine how coding this went as I manage to break every single code I even think about...and wow. This is so wonderful and amazing like I am so awe-struck. What an amazing issue, and everyone involved did such an amazing job. ❤️

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Guest dehlles

First, the digest looks absolutely incredible! I am so loving this format. 😍 I am sure (just from reading the stats - which is a fun read!) that this was a lot of work. (I've been trying to get into coding myself... and I've ran away from my computer numerous times.) 😓



Two, congratulations to the winners for challenges, promotions, featured, superstars etc. ☺️

Third! Aw! The spotlight. Thank you for the beautiful comment. I'm so glad you like my work, and I'm having so much fun with my art. ❣️ ❣️ ❣️



There are beautiful graphics in the spotlight too! Keep up the good work everyone. :D



Four, thanks you guys for bringing us another wonderful edition here! A beautiful, enjoyable digest for a new forum - which by the way - I am so happy to see TDA again and hang here with you guys! Everything looks wonderful. Look forward to the next one! 💛

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