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TDA Funding

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In order to be as transparent as possible about how TDA is run and funded, here's a breakdown of our current costs.


  • 200$ for forum software - the cost was split between ForgottenFace, golden, miss atomic bomb, saturn. and starbuck.
  • 25$ every 6 months for the license after the initial purchase of the software - will be split up between us
  • 12$ per year for the domain name - split between admins
  • we're currently hosted for free, courtesy of ForgottenFace but we will likely change to a paid host which would be about 15$ per month - split between us and Pottersworld


As we've already said, any profits made from the soon to be opened TDA merchandise store will go into the costs of keeping the site up and running. Here's a breakdown of how it currently works (written by miss atomic bomb as she's the one who set up the store for us):


Our margin of 20% of the base price is added on for the total price, so we get 1/6 of the cost of each item. We'll make about $5 per article of clothing (4.90 for most women's shirts, 3.30 for plain unisex shirts, up to $8 for hoodies), $2-5 for bags, $2-3 for notebooks, a dollar or two for stickers, $2.50-7.50 for device cases/skins, $2-4 for mugs.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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I have a quick question, I have recently come into a small winfall and would like to contribute to the funding of keeping tda alive. Is there anywhere I can donate you guys some money just to help with monthly costs etc ??

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Hi Karni! 


That's so nice of you ❤️ I personally feel that at the moment, all TDA financial needs are being met so there's not need to ask for donations 😊

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