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Is this a new year's resolution? Is this just a temporary gig? Who knows, but I'm posting a new gallery since my old one was deleted for inactivity!
It's been probably a year or two+ since I've been active on TDA.

padfoot. , previously Obviously-That-Girl on TDA.net
Kira Griffin
previously Sophie McLaren, Tucker Cambridge, Carmen (Bellamy) Lanzotti, Zachary (Mikhailov) Parker, Reece Kelley, Riordan Kelley

Photoshop CS6

look here!

Currently studying a Masters in Architecture with an emphasis in Sustainable Design! Talk to me about ecological issues. Or the Avengers. I love both.


Recent Graphics:






(7 Layer Challenge)





PW Header Image



Edited by padfoot.
Added Header Image

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Hiya Leslie!


It's lovely to see you back!! And I can't believe how long it has been ohmygosh. I remember the good old days of RP'ing with Carmen!


Loving the graphics you have up already, especially on the Kira Character Library Image :D


I can't wait to see more!


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hey leslie! welcome back to TDA :loves:


just a friendly reminder - you'll need to put the link to your credits list in your gallery (not just your sig) before we can consider you for a promotion ;)


i think you're off to a great start with your gallery again and i'm looking forward to seeing more lovely graphics by you!


(btw i'm an architect so you know.............. :P )

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Shona - Thanks so much!! I miss RPing with you ❤️ Kira's CL is also one of my favorites I've made - especially since most of the texture was actually from the base image of Robin!!

Kristina - Oh! Thanks for letting me know! I've put my credits list up now :D AND ALSO WE SHOULD TALK ABOUT ARCHITECTURE (I also just got an internship with Universal Studios working with their Hotel Interiors team 😮 )

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Hi Leslie! 


I should have done this a while ago!!! I still really love how your Ares banner turned out :D but I think that +this sig is my favorite. I like the colors and how you did the text and filled the space up well. I also really love how soft and pretty +this character library image is. I like the way you blended everything together so wonderfully! I hope you keep updating, I can't wait to see what you make next!

Edited by sheepish.

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