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The Dark Arts

french navy.

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hey, i'm kelsey. i use photoshop cc 2019

i love ABBA, brussel sprouts, and tweeting.

newest graphics towards the top. currently revamping as i haven't made

any meaningful amount of graphics in a while. 




jenna.png     gigi.png




believe.png .    TrmWYHM.png




 zayn.png     miles.png


happy.png     remember.png




























assjay, meropeofmessinia, alkindii, ravenclawwit, maexxchen, unomielle

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alkindii, deadlydoll, ravenhearts1989, springsabila, rhabwar-troll-stock



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welcome back Kelsey!!!!!! :D i can see there's no rust here in your gallery. everything is so pretty! i especially love that last blend :OOO the coloring is fantastic. the "thunder" CI is also stunning. i'm happy you decided to come back, and can't wait to see what more pretties you make!!! ❤️ 

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Guest dehlles

Hey Kelsey! :D If I remember correctly, I think you and I used to be member artists together... like around the same time right? Though you moved up the ranks quicker than I did... if not, then I may be thinking of another Kelsey... Forgive me if I am wrong.


Welcome back though, and I know - I know you somehow because I remember you being active before. xP


Anyways, I love your graphics though! Your signatures are my favorite and your avatar set is amazing! So is your CI's - the second one really sticks out to me. ❤️ I do remember that 2016 DA digest header, so yeah, I remember you a little bit. More may come back to me sooner or later. :P 


Also, it's good to see you here again and active! I look forward to seeing more from you too. :wub:

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I think that was me- thank you! I'll hopefully phase those things out as i make new things, but i'm glad they helped jog your memory!


updated with a sig

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Welcome back to TDA! 

First of all wow!!! I love everything in your gallery!!!!! I really love the way you use colors 😍 And your comp is absolutely stunning!

I L O V E +This sig in particular. I really enjoy the coloring in this sig the most it's just so yummy~

I super can't wait to check back in and see what else you make :D 

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For starters welcome back to TDA! (How are you still a member artist?)

Everything in this gallery is absolutely gorgeous.

+this piece is just awe inspiring. The text and everything about it is beautiful.

I still stand by what I said and that the Jenna icons are just stunning.

See you can do it even if you do hate them.

I will definitely be keeping tabs on your gallery in the future.



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