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& do you sleep anymore?

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hello i have returned

kayla \\ 24 

welcome! this is my new and *~improved~* gallery. i was on tda back in the stone ages 

(2008-2010) but i have decided to restart and begin this little hobby again, for what it's worth!

i'm a flight attendant by day, grandma by night.

i currently use paint shop pro, but i'm interested in stealing my boyfriends

learning how to use photoshop! i enjoy makeup, music, candles and travelling. 

please, leave a comment, i want to be able to return the favor!

please bear with me as i start to make more stuff & add in here ;) 

i def want to participate in challenges and maybe make some requests












sorry bout the quality of this one ^














this is a rolling list--all may not be used above. i generally just list everything i have ever saved or downloaded on my computer. 


mrs-padfoot @ deviantart

miss atomic bomb @ tda 2

lola. @ TDA

evey-d @ deviantart 

dutchy stock @ deviantart

wyldraven @ deviantart

lunaNYX stock @ deviant art

keeper's cove @ deviant art

camaryn-wallpaper @ deviantart

distorted smiles @ deviant art

alegion @ deviant art

lumpi691 @ deviant art

equine stock @ deviant art

essence of perception @ deviant art

i am idaho @ deviantart

clarabellafairestock @ deviant art

mo-01 @ deviant art

.asperity @ tda

choobaca @ tda

evey-v @ deviant art

kate. @ tda

post malone 1 2


thanks so much for visiting! xo's

---- kayla 




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First comment!! xD

Hi Kayla! And welcome back!

You have a great start to your new gallery. This banner is my fave so far! ❤️ I can't wait to see what other pretties you make! 😊

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Kayla yay!!! I am so excited you are back! Everything is looking so lovely 😍😍

I am so impressed that you've already made so many things and experimented with stock & textures! It's so impressive.

My fave thing in your gallery is a tie between +this signature and the blend. I just love the coloring and comp on both so much!
They both look so soft too and I love love the textures. Your Post Malone icons are always great btw! Everything is great!

Can't wait to see more 



your biggest fan

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Hi Kayla! I just wanted to pop by and say thank you so much for leaving me a gallery comment ^_^ I thought I would come by and return the favour.


Welcome back to tda! It's so amazing to see you making graphics again and getting back into things. Look at how many pretty things you have already made!


Keep up the amazing work, I can't wait to see more :)

niika ❤️

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the text on that first sig is so inventive! i wish my text looked that effortless haha

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You know, one of my usernames about 214 years ago used to be Caraphernelia - so I feel like we have something in common! Also I love how your colours are so natural yet sharp and almost ~vintage~. Lovely Gallery! 

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