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March/April Winners

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The New Resource Challenge

the monochrome challenge

The Candy Heart Challenge

March DA Digest

The One-Text Texture Challenge

The Seasonal Blend Challenge

the signature challenge

the resource me! challenge

The fake smile Challenge

April DA Digest



The Get-Creative Challenge

The Book It Challenge

The Close-Up Colorization Challenge

The ICT Hall of Fame Header Challenge






Challenge Name:

Issued by:

1st Place: [artist name] {entry}

2nd Place: [artist name] {entry}

3rd Place: [artist name] {entry}



Challenge Name: The New Resource Challenge

Issued by: bright spark

1st Place: XxTheAvengerXxX {entry}

2nd Place: .amaris {entry} | Lola. {entry}

3rd Place: bittersweetflames {entry}


Challenge Name: the monochrome challenge

Issued by: jellybean jones

1st Place: bittwersweetflames {entry}

2nd Place: niika {entry} | starbuck. {entry}

3rd Place: choobacca {entry}


Challenge Name: The Candy Heart Challenge

Issued by: jellybean jones

1st Place: choobacca {entry}

2nd Place: finxter365 {entry} | choobacca {entry}

3rd Place: minimalist. {entry}


Challenge Name: March DA Digest

Issued by: lucida.

1st Place: galaxies {entry} | Amortentia1992 {entry}

2nd Place: finxter365 {entry}


Challenge Name: The One-Text Texture Challenge

Issued by: kirjava

1st Place: bittersweetflames {entry}

2nd Place: cheriechapstick {entry}

3rd Place: .amaris {entry}


Challenge Name: The Seasonal Blend Challenge

Issued by: Kirjava

1st Place: choobacca {entry}

2nd Place: .amaris {entry}

3rd Place: JadadWraith {entry}


Challenge Name: the signature challenge

Issued by: starbuck.

1st Place: wildest dreams {entry}

2nd Place: choobacca {entry}

3rd Place: MrsDarcy {entry}


Challenge Name: the resource me! challenge

Issued by: starbuck.

1st Place: .amaris {entry}

2nd Place: softbun {entry}

3rd Place: MrsDarcy {entry}


Challenge Name: The fake smile Challenge

Issued by: choobacca

1st Place: choobacca {entry}

2nd Place: obscurus {entry}

3rd Place: JadedWraith {entry}


Challenge Name: April DA Digest

Issued by: abhainn

1st Place: choobacca {entry}

2nd Place: galadriel {entry}

3rd Place: &thereshegoes {entry}


Challenge Name: The Sandwich Challenge

Issued by: Kirjava

1st Place: JadedWraith {entry}


Challenge Name: The Get-Creative Challenge

Issued by: Kirjava

1st Place: JadedWraith {entry} | &themoon {entry}

2nd Place: Amortentia1992 {entry}


Challenge Name: The Book It Challenge

Issued by: Kirjava

1st Place: &thereshegoes {entry}

2nd Place: JadedWraith {entry}

3rd Place: choobacca {entry}


Challenge Name: The Close-Up Colorization Challenge

Issued by: hamylton.

1st Place: hamylton. {entry}

2nd Place: JadedWraith {entry}

3rd Place: &themoon {entry}


Challenge Name: The ICT Hall of Fame Header Challenge

Issued by: choobacca

1st Place: .amaris {entry}

2nd Place: choobacca {entry}

3rd Place: Clara Oswald {entry}


Challenge Name: The Icon Composition Challenge

Issued by: Kirjava

1st Place: .amaris {entry}

2nd Place: JadedWraith {entry}

3rd Place: galadriel {entry} | olivebranch {entry}

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