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[2] Signatures, [24] Icons

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Hello :)


Please feel free to fill out the form below to request any of the following.

Please rehost graphics and credit to Kirjava @TDA.

I can make text amendments and some colouring changes to the signatures, as well as cutting out an icon if you'd like it as a set.

If you let me know which icon/s you would like, I can cut those out for you from the group (I've tried to give the icons co-ordinates along the top line, so for example, the first icon is A1, the one next to it is B2, and the one below the first is A2).

I will hold for 2 weeks, although can extend up to 4 weeks if you let me know!



Graphic you would like to claim:
Location to use graphic: 
Penname on graphic(yes/no):
Requested Modifications (if any):


1. 5nglGKq.png


2. Ni1mqjP.png




(Alphabet A-E horizontally along the x-axis, and Numbers 1-5 vertically along the y-axis)

                    A                                      B                                        C                                            D                                        E



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