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bright spark

Sig help!

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Hi guys!


I haven't made a graphic in... a few months...




something here isn't right but I can't tell what. any tips for improving it as I figure out photoshop again?


ideas of things to fix:

- make text yellow/bright?

- smallest Jameela is too undercontrasted?



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I have to say, I love this! I fell in love with the comp in PYLC. That comp and texture use is divine ❤️

In terms of the changes you've:

I like the yellow text better for sure, but I think instead of the more golden yellow you've used, I would try pulling the neon yellow from the opposite side of the line to add balance. If it's too light, a stroke would work nicely with the style of the sig.

I think the increased contrast works, and maybe it's just my screen, but it makes the small girl look a little yellow/green/sickly. I would duplicate her and bring her above your coloring layers and set her on a low opacity to decrease that effect :)

I hope this helps! <3

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Ahh thank you!!




I have made the yellow more neon-y with a bit more green - is it enough? Also the smallest girl is supposed to be mono but would she maybe look better in actual b/w? I agree the green is odd - I tried to lessen it with your idea!

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