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living proof.

May Digest 2019

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Hello and welcome to the May issue of the 2019 DA Digest! Click the may digest box to read the rest of the digest. The Digest is a monthly newsletter chronicling monthly events, opinions, and accomplishments in the TDA Community. This month's beautiful header is by the talented choobacca. Thanks and congratulations! We'd also like to give a special congratulations to our second and third place winners, .amaris and Kirjava respectively.
A huge thank you to abhainn, hamylton., living proof. and starbuck for making this month's edition possible! Layout by living proof. Fonts used were Work Sans and Montserrat. Please comment below with your opinions and feedback. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • Headlines


    Next month's theme is disney so pull out all those old memories of singing along to the dinsey soundtracks because we're pulliing out all the stops.

    Admin Changes

    Unfortunately, miss atomic bomb and saturn. are stepping down as admins, but we are pleased to welcome abhorsen. to the admin team! Head on over and congratulate her on her new position!

    New Theme

    We have a brand new beautiful header on the forums made by the wonderful choobacca! Keep an eye out for a new Spring theme to go with it coming very soon!

    New Dueling Arena Mod

    Jess (living proof.) is moving from her position as an lgms cordinator to a full time Dueling Arena Moderator position.
  • The Vault


    Unfortunately there are no superstars this month.

    Highest Earners

    Last Month our highest section earners were:
    Requesting Arena: Lola.
    Dueling Arena: Kirjava
  • Promotions

    Graduate Artist

    nikolai lantsov!

    Senior Artist


    Junior Artist


    MC Promotions

    Senior Artist - MrsDarcy
    Graduate Artist - abhainn
  • Birthdays


    jannu (Jannu)


    bewitching. (Gaby)


    Nymphadoraliz (Liz)


    naboo. (Kennedy)


    magnifique (Julie)


    Lantern! (Sarah)


    Ruka Minazuki (Ruka)


    wishes (Ri)


    winter soldier (Enya)


    esoteric. (Isabel)


    persephone. (Zi)

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday to all of our may babies.
  • Featured Artist

    May's FA is .amaris

    Tomi's lovely graphics are always eye-catching! Her friendly, kind nature can be seen all around TDA, whether she is offering tips, support and advice, or posting a gorgeous new graphic or two. She's a super-active member, too, often posting in requests, challenges and the PYLC thread, where her positivity shines. Congrats, Tomi - enjoy your month in gold! -golden.

    What was your reaction when you first found out you won Featured Artist?

    I was surprised! I've been nominated a few times, but never won before so it was a nice surprise :)

    What has the past month been like as Featured Artist?

    Sadly, I've been sick with two sick kids and less active than normal, but I've enjoyed the fabulous yellow regardless!

    What is your favourite thing to do on TDA?

    Enter challenges for sure. I like filling requests too, but I'm always really anxious about them because I hate that feeling when I'm unable to deliver what the requestor wanted.

    What inspires you?

    Music 100%. It's my inspiration for anything and everything. Though that probably sounds weird since my graphic style is very bright and bold, and I tend to listen to more angsty music lol.

    What are some tricks of the trade you've learned?

    For me at least, establishing a balance of colors is incredibly important. I tend to use complementary colors a lot, but also just making sure that if I have something red on one side of a banner, the other side has something red too. I tend to use resources more than once on the same canvas for this reason. I also usually adjust the hue of a resource as I put it on my canvas, and I know that's fairly unusual.

    What is your favourite type of graphic to make, and why?

    CIs have always been my favorite. :) I just like the boxy shape and feel like I can do so much with it so I don't get stuck in a composition rut. Icons would probably be my second favorite for that reason now that I understand them. Never thought I would say that, woah lol

    What is your current favourite song?

    OH NO that's a cruel question. Maybe We're Alive by the Sweeplings? Or Dancing with the Devil by Set it Off?

    And a final question from the previous FA, Kirjava:
    If you could produce holographic graphics viewable on TDA (think futuristic sci-fi spy movie), how would you best describe your style with them? (Would they be animated? Have sound? Be animated? Colouring? etc)

    Hmmm, probably coloring related? I know my coloring tends to be quite strong so I feel like that would be a carryover from my style to a holographic graphic. Maybe like a fade from color to black and white.
  • Editor's Column

    Welcome to the Editor's Column, written by us, abhainn, hamylton. and living proof.: the editors. Each month we will be bringing you a theme filled section of goodies. Have a theme you'd like to see? Comment below!



    These savoury breadsticks are a must have for any fairytale party, and boy do they look good! Yeast recipes may be scary for beginners, but it’s actually super easy and what better way to try it than to make breadsticks?
    by abhainn.
     Witch Finger Breadsticks 
    Click the Image for the link to the recipe

    Favorite Fairytale

    by abhainn.
    As a wee child, my favourite fairy tale was Sleeping Beauty, as it was my favourite Disney movie (although I hated how little screentime my favourite princess got), but upon getting an actual book of fairy tales, my favourite quickly became Maid Maleen. I thought it was rather romantic that even seven years and disapproving parents and a betrothal couldn’t keep true love apart, and I loved how Maid Maleen tricked her way into revealing the treachery of her prince’s new betrothed. I find it to be quite the entertaining tale, and I admired Maid Maleen’s determination, having to saw her way out of a stone tower with her servant and surviving off of nettles on her way to her prince. It’s a bit (very) dark, but I still think Disney should be making some more fairytales and consider doing an adaptation of this one.
    by hamylton
    I can't recall having ever been read a proper fairy tale. I assume I must have, but all I remember are the ones made into Disney films, so I'm going to talk about that instead. My favourite, by far, as a child was The Little Mermaid. It's actually quite ironic considering my dislike of the ocean, but then Moana and Finding Nemo are also two of my all-time favourite films. I remember owning stuffed versions of Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, Scuttle and Eric's dog, Sam and playing with them all the time. When the sequel came out, I loved it so much that I insisted on being called Melody (Ariel's daughter) for a while. I don't know exactly why I loved it so much, but I'd be willing to place a large bet on it being because of the soundtrack. I do have a love of musical soundtracks!
    by living proof.
    I've always loved reading, but I can't remember having read a fairytale. My parents were the type to read us aesops fables and dr. suess stories. Most of the fairytales I know are the one's made into disney movie. I wasn't a girl who dreamed for fairytales and white weddings, I loved the action in movies and books. By far my top three movies are Princess and the frog, Up, and Lion King. I loved watching princess and the frog and it remains one of my favorite movies today as it resonates with the middle class families and those who have a dream and are trying to make it come through by hard work and determination. The story is cute and funny and with under represetative characters and a background history this movie is cute and worth 20 or infinite watches.


    As a child, the wicked magician always wanted to saw people in half.
    Was he an only child?

    No, he had lots of half-brothers and sisters!

    Why was Cinderella no good at playing hockey?

    Because she was always running away from the ball!

    On which side of the house did Jack grow the beans?

    On the outside!

    What kind of pet did Aladdin have?

    A flying car-pet!

    Why did the Ugly Duckling’s parents fly south for the winter?

    Because it was too far to walk!

    What steps do you take when a bear is chasing you?

    Very big ones!

    The little tin soldier had been in the army ever since he was a tiny baby.

    He was in the infantry!

    What goes: MUF OF EIF IF?

    A giant walking backwards!

    Why was there always a conversation going on in the garden?

    Because Jack and the beans talk!

    Which is the scariest fairy-tale?

    Ghouldilocks and the Three Brrrrs!

    What’s brown and hairy and can see just as well from either end?

    A bear with its eyes shut!

    If you were in Rapunzel’s tower during the day, what would be the furthest thing that you could see?

    The sun!
  • Spotlight

    Featured Tutorial

    Extra-Detailed Fantasy Chapter Image Walkthrough/Tutorial - by ClearPlastic

    Do you want to learn how to make a beautiful, vibrant fairytale chapter image? Then this tutorial is for you!

    Featured Resource

    Ferly's Feathers & Fairylights by ferlybadinage

    What goes best with fairytales? Fairy lights of course! Emma has provided us with nearly 150 pretty textures of feathers and fairy lights!

    Featured Off-Topic

    Game of Thrones by panacea.

    Game of Thrones is over (well, the TV show is). Did you enjoy the ending? Hate it? Here's where you can discuss all your feelings!

    Graphic Spotlights

    by hamylton




    by nothernstar

    I love the mix of colours on Mel's character library! The composition is so unique and I love the use of the circles to show the different sides to the character!




    by ShadowRose

    I adore the composition on Taylor's CI! I also love the bright and vibrant colours and the soft and upbeat feel they give it!




    by brightspark

    Zoe's signature has such a great flow to it and it's almost bouncy with the model taking your eye line down and then the T of the text sending you back up!




    by .amaris

    Excuse you, Tomi, how dare you make something this beautiful. I love everything about it; the silhouette, the glowing text, the purple, and those subtle line textures!




    by kaitkat

    Kaitlyn, the master of soft muted colours, has struck again with this character library. It has a nice flow to it and the mix of black and white and colour is just beautiful!


    award by satellite

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❤️ absolutely love this issue! 

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