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[COMPLETED][Awaiting Screencap][Awaiting Pickup][open]Kamala Khan forum set (HPFT)

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Size: 500x200
Images: Feel free to find whichever ones best suit the set, but here are some of my favorites!
Text: My name is Kamala Khan and I’m here to take out the trash.
Color Preferences: ideally colors that go well with kamala’s colors (so blue, red, yellow).
Preferred Mood: Optimistic, fierce, superhero-y
Link to Place to be Used: HPFT profile
Link to Screencap: screencap of my profile
When was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile? (on [i]any[/i] site): Haven’t before!
Additional Information: I’d like something on the more minimalist side! Let me know if I should find more pictures/if you have trouble finding pictures. Please don’t use pictures of any cosplayers—just pictures from the comics/promotional art. Thank you in advance ❤️ 
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errr, how does this look like? i tried to keep it comic book-y looking....but it's also out of my comfort zone so i totally understand if you'd rather re-request :happy: did you also want an icon cut out of it?


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