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[open]Albus/OC Banner for Ambitious!

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Story title: Ambitious!

Link to your story: here

Size of Graphic: banner size, 700 x110

Would You Like Your Penname on the Graphic? Not necessary. If it fits in sure, but if not don't worry about it.
Have You Requested This Graphic Before? No
Do You Have Permission to Change it?: --

Characters to Include (Canon or Original): Aerabella Sanders (OC), I picture a natural (curly) hair Zendaya as her. I'm really stuck on it having to be a photo of her with curly hair because believe it or not it helps define her character. Albus Potter, portrayed by Logan Lerman as of now... Albus is described as boyishly charming and if you find someone who matches that image better than him, as long as he has dark hair and light eyes I'm fine with you using them. Chase Walker (OC) portrayed by Bradley James. Chase is supposed to have a refined and somewhat intimidating presence to him so any picture like that would be great.
Other Images You Would Like: Well the story is about quidditch, so maybe have the background be the sky? it doesn't have to be, but it's just a thought.

Quotes to use on Graphic: The title Ambitious. One of the quotes later on in the story is "You say it's impossible, but I say it's ambitious", you can use that one if you like, but again you don't have to use it. Whatever goes best with your design. 
Color Preferences: The story is about the Tutshill Tornados and their team colors are a sort of light blue and a darker royal blue. It would be nice to have those colors. I'll also admit I'm not a huge fan of plain black and white unless it's done really well. So some sort of color please.
Animation? If so, how?: Not necessary, but if you're feeling like it needs animation, I won't stop you. 
Additional Information: So to give a brief description Aerabella is essentially a young, confident, reckless American girl who will be playing professional quidditch for the European league. She plays on the same team as her hero Chase Walker, but ends up making a fool of herself. She turns to her neighbor, Albus, to confide in her struggles with. However, she doesn't realize that Albus is a writer who has been tasked with finding information on her to write an article on her. The mood of the story does get serious sometimes, but it remains pretty light hearted and I think the banner should really reflect a lighter atmosphere more so than a serious one. 


Also please let me know exactly how you would like to be credited and if you need more information don't hesitate to ask me for clarification. Thank you so much to whoever fulfills this request and thank you to those who even considered taking it!

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hello! is this request still needed? :) 

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