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The Dark Arts

I Challenge Thee - Cycle 53

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Welcome to July's (Cycle 53) 'I Challenge Thee'!

Similar to the one in the Inspire Me forum, the main purpose of this challenge is to keep the thread continuous.


Once you decide a challenge is for you, you may post that you are in to take it and then in turn you will have to post a challenge for the person below you, and so on and so forth. Once you've completed your challenge, please return and edit it into your entry complete with the appropriate image codes.


Please be aware that if you don't include a challenge for the next person, your post will be deleted.

At the end of each month, we will compile all the entries in this cycle into a poll for you all to cast your vote on.


The graphic with the most votes will then earn its place in our 'I Challenge Thee' Hall of Fame.


The last challenge from May's thread is from @jellybean jones




i challenge thee to make a vertical banner with at least five different models on it.


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I'll try this ^


I challenge thee to make a set of 16 text only icons using lyrics from 'the greatest showman'

Edited by mockingjay

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I will snag this one! ^ ^


I challenge thee to make a blend with a minimum of 10 models in it. They can be all the same or different, but there have to be at least 10.

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^this sounds insane! Mine!



I challenge thee to make a graphic (any size) using at least the following resources:




Any other resources are your choice! Please remember to credit ^_^

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