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Hey there TDA!


I can't believe I haven't found this place sooner. I'm not.. exactly a great graphics artist, but I try. I am an avid roleplayer though, with a deep love of the HP universe and everything it could potentially contain. Mostly I just make graphics for my own use, but I'm definitely in need of some new tricks! Especially with text work. That's my kryptonite. I use Photoshop CS2 at the moment, but looking to sub for the full new creative suite. Just can't fit it in the budget yet! I've tried GIMP, and well. We just don't get along. Can't even explain why, I just can't get that program to do what I want.


I also adore the IPS community forum software (what TDA is built on) so I'm incredibly excited to see a HP based community on here. 


Other than that, I'm Australian -- a crazy cat lady (with only one cat, but he's so much trouble sometimes he might be ten cats) and just very excited to get to know you all and maybe see if I can't level up my graphics work!

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Hello!! Welcome to TDA! This is definitely a great place to get started getting some help with text work! Everything I know about text I learned in the tutorial section that is no joke!


I have a cat too! He's such a big baby so I know the feeling you're talking about. I hope to see your gallery soon!

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Hello there and welcome to TDA! I'm Sammi, one of the mods here! 

I literally had NO experience with graphics before I joined (unless you count like... a little bit of stuff I did for school like ten years ago?), and mostly learned through the tutorial section here and getting ideas with the challenge sections! There are a ton of resources around here and you can always reach out and ask! 


Additionally, if you just wanted someone to chat with or ask anything directly, my inbox is always open and I can try and help the best I can! (Or chat your ears off about anything and everything). 

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Welcome to TDA!! As a HP lover, I'm sure you will have absolutely no problem settling in :D 


You already have more graphics experience than when I first started out and the community here really helped on the goal to improve! So definitely make use of as many forums as you can, and the Duelling arena is a great way to push you out of your comfort zone :)


If you ever fancy chatting or anything, feel free to drop me a message! ^_^





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Well, those are all certainly absolutely glowing reviews of the tutorials --- which is awesome, because I need it! I'm a coder by trade, but anything more than very very simple graphics I struggle with. 


Definitely gonna jump into a few challenges and face roll while I learn a few things!

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