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Hi. My name is Nicole.


I love roleplaying. My favorite genre is Supernatural/Modern fantasy. 


My favorite fandoms are: Charmed, Supernatural, Shadowhunters,  Buffy & Angel, Vampire Diaries & The Originals, DC Arrowverse (from the CW TV shows).

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Welcome to TDA Nicole!

I enjoy role playing as well.  What's your favorite genre in RP?

I miss The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.   Arrow is a great show.  Though I have only seen a few episodes on Netflix.

I hope you enjoy your time here!  I hope to see you in the challenges on here.  They are a great way to practice.

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Hi Nicole,


Welcome to TDA! 


OMG Charmed, I loved Charmed. The Vampire Diaries and The Originals were two of my favourite shows. Who are your favourite characters? For me Elijah continues to be everything! 


We have some RPG forums in the Advertising section, and you can discuss your shows in our TV Show section. Do you make graphics as well? How did you find us?


Feel free to look around, we have some gems in here that need love. 


You can PM me or any of the other section mods/mods for any other questions or if you just want to say hi!



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Hello Nicole, I've always been curious about how one does role-playing? Anyway  Supernatural is one of my fandoms too, though I kind of avoid it now, lmbo. 


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