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[open]Icon + Signature Set Abigail Cowen

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[b]Link to place to be used:[/b] [url=http://thebeginning11.proboards.com/]place to be used[/url]
[b]Link to screencap:[/b] (if not publicly viewable) [url=https://i.ibb.co/8r24rsS/oliviaaa.png]screencap[/url]
[b]Text to include on graphic:[/b] Olivia Hugo When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time
[b]Images to include on graphic:[/b] Abigail Cowen is my Faceclaim for Olivia. 
[b]Dimensions:[/b] 200x200 for the icon and 500x350 for the signature
[b]Additional information:[/b] I'd like the Icon to be super simple. and for the color scheme to be dark blue (?) or Whatever you think looks good/is easier for you. 
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Hello! Is this request still needed?

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