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A Place to Squee v.10

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Please remember the following rules when "squeeing" graphics:


  • do not quote/repost graphics that have already been squeed so as to save on bandwidth (not because we don't like seeing them again, but Photobucket is rather nasty in regard to bandwidth).
  • show RESPECT! so if you don't like a graphic that someone has squeed, then close your eyes and move on. If you wish to offer a certain artist critique based on a graphic you see here, you can always go to their gallery and do so there.
  • please avoid referring to promotions in this thread so as to not insult the admins. One excellent graphic made byan artist does not warrant a promotion.
  • Also avoid making too many posts that do not include graphics, but that rather only comment on already-posted graphics. The more graphics included in this thread, the better, and there certainly is no shortage of good graphics on this site to find squee-worthy.

Happy posting!

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i am here to kick it off in the new thread! (also, thank you so much for the squee in the previous thread :loves:)



@bewitching. the composition and colouring and the text, i just, i die for gaby's work!



@seabear it always blows my mind how people make graphics with anime images?? and make it look so good and bright ❤️ this is so smooth, shels pls teach us


the continous banner challenge is getting some stunning entries!







& this character image by @matcha is so beautiful, honestly, i'm in love with your style!!



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