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Big Awards Update

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(please join me in thanking @hamylton. for sorting out the awards <3)


500 Episode Challenge 2018
tgLg0qo.png guNN5Z8.png

Z0BIBDQ.png 8zzKMyr.png
awards by Kirjava


100 Movie Challenge 2018
BL5MYO.png BL51Im.pngBL54g8.png BL5DDq.png
awards by hamylton.


50 Book Challenge 2018
bI4QoJ.png bI4UAn.pngbI4X7s.png bI4iZ2.png
awards by hamylton.


500 Episode Challenge 2019
siPxa6.png siPb2Y.pngsiPsBA.png siP36G.png
awards by wanderedaway


100 Movie Challenge 2019
g324dE3.png GIjNl0f.pngf2sLpuY.png fX1zFhU.png
awards by suga.


50 Book Challenge 2019
cNyYkHiG_o.png Sls6IoWw_o.pngeUwGTaoV_o.png ANSaxN1d_o.png
awards by JadedWraith




May 2018

yW1saQX.png 50xDJCs.pngfRri8YY.png YQfUe5m.pngGQJfk4k.png dUTlGjO.png
awards by Newt Scamander.


June 2018
rMWRPnX.png 8Qwyz6Y.png u7YPKv5.pngukaQOZn.png NQTmXnJ.png os26xHU.pngcPXbWRu.png mKgNcme.png
awards by Lola.


July 2018
IiqvfBR9_o.png K7WVlKnD_o.pnguqJWP5lN_o.png w6fnJEG1_o.png
awards by JadedWraith


August 2018
VBbyP6X.png 8FfO5uz.pnginKSU2n.png c4QlVuj.png
awards by Newt Scamander.


September 2018
AwgvjRUI_o.png rcoXYFYy_o.pngGtzZ6UvQ_o.png jO9uXSrG_o.pngLgwHpy7B_o.png
awards by azimuth


October 2018
VfaJrZFU_o.png l8C7VS7s_o.pngkUkLvySI_o.png AjFfGkNb_o.pngyTZV6VfC_o.png
awards by azimuth


December 2018
gpCLBohC_o.png 423vQo9k_o.pngB8dkZWvS_o.png 6fWZ26GC_o.png3Z9hXzkk_o.png gckCrwX4_o.png
awards by Amortentia1992


January 2019
qIfmkUR.png Mdqzcsx.pngt4KbmHw.png NJ8mDGi.png
awards by Kirjava


February 2019
ybwfeb4.png ybwfeb3.pngybwfeb2.png ybwfeb1.pngybwfeb6.png ybwfeb5.png
awards by &themoon


March 2019

lV9LYtF.png St8cAsv.pnguNzAnxy.png 2deTq5H.png
awards by choobacca


April 2019


award by miss atomic bomb


May 2019

award by choobacca


June 2019

 rurPqG.png rurLIA.png
awards by miss atomic bomb




January 2019 - The Ultimate Continuous Banner Challenge

6Z474Vv.png o6pcMvc.pngFPMQU0g.png RXwaEI3.pngcQ5Fmj9.png
awards by Lola.


February 2019 - The Ultimate Resource Challenge
CXrZuaU.png WasOVb7.png1RHFEy5.png
awards by .amaris


March 2019 - The Ultimate Rainbow Challenge
SdwCJECF_o.png XqStjoHz_o.pngFbWh6w1d_o.png jJepfMTP_o.png
awards by Amortentia1992


April 2019 - The Ultimate Black and White Challenge
ruoVFd.png ruofiD.pngruo025.png ruo9xP.png
awards by miss atomic bomb


May 2019 - The Ultimate Manipulate The Base Challenge

award by choobacca


August 2019 - The Ultimate TV Series Challenge

award by JadedWraith



@&themoon @&thereshegoes @.amaris @Amortentia1992 @aurora borealis @azimuth @beyond the rain @bittersweetflames @bright spark @cheriechapstick @choobacca @concise @doctor ziegler @down-in-flames @finxter365 @galadriel @hamylton. @if/then @Jayde. @jellybean jones @just.a.willow.tree @Kirjava @klutzy_kara @Lola. @lonely stars @love.story @lucida. @milominderbinder @miss atomic bomb @Misty_Rey @Newt Scamander. @rewritethefinallines @scintilla @snicket! @starbuck. @The Punisher @Vault 713 @wanderedaway @wildest dreams. @winestained @yellow.



Edited by hamylton.

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Thank you for the Awards update! Congratulations everyone, and thank you to the artists that made the awards - they're stunning! ❤️

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Gorgeous awards!! Thank you the artists for making them and for compiling this! ❤️

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