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bewitching's spring clean critique

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The drowsy cuckoo, and the humble-bee.

Now do a choir of chirping minstrels bring

In triumph to the world the youthful Spring.

- Thomas Carew




In this new season I thought it would be nice to start another critique thread,

a nice spring clean for your gallery. It is time to brush off those winter blues and

start a fresh and enjoy the wonderful sunshine.


Who does not like spring? The birds are singing their beautiful songs, blossom is

blooming on the trees, a yellow sea of daffodils blewing in the cool breeze and

the sun spreading its warmth.





When I do critiques I will always start with the positives, graphics in your gallery that

I like. Who does not love a compliment? I will then proceed to tackle all of the weak points

you mention in the form but I also mention some other weaknesses you may

not have picked up on. I try my best to give tips and tricks where I can.


Since it is the season of spring and it is the time for spring cleaning, I will also

suggest some graphics that you could remove from your gallery. It is totally your choice

whether or not to remove them.





1) This critique is for all ranks: member, junior, senior, graduate, master, veteran

2) I can only take on three critiques at any one time

3) Use the form below to request a critique - be as detailed as possible


[b]Artist Name[/b]:
[b]Acknowledged Weak Points[/b]: (i.e., 'blending')
[b]Type of Critique Requested[/b]: (i.e., 'my banners always come out cluttered - how can i prevent that from happening?')
[b]Software[/b]: (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, etc...)
[b]Most Recent Gallery Update[/b]: (i.e., date)
[b]Gallery Link[/b]: [url=LINKHERE]Gallery[/url]
[b]Requested Time Frame[/b]:


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Artist Name: Desiree/wanderedaway

Acknowledged Weak Points: compositions (I fell like I can't vary them well, especially in icons), image quality (another forum always mentions this and I see it in some of my graphics, but I'm not sure how to fix it. There are certain things I like do in my graphics for finishes, filtering, colorings, etc., that I think sometimes hinders my graphics. And then that worry if I make some parts too small, the image quality won't be clear.)

Type of Critique Requested: suggested clean out (though I may try to remove everything this year, start fresh with hopefully some improved graphics), my compositions, I think, range from too simple or too cluttered (icons are especially cluttery, I think, and a couple signatures feel that way, too) and I'm not sure how to find that happy medium, and, of course, any glaring weaknesses that I don't see that you believe I should work on that I may not have mentioned.

Software: Photoshop CS5

Most Recent Gallery Update: February  17 (the Black and White Ultimate Challenge entries are my most recent)

Gallery Link: +click

Requested Time Frame: Whatever works with your schedule.


Many thanks in advance! ❤️ 

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On 3/26/2020 at 11:37 AM, bewitching. said:

Artist Name: bright spark // Zoe

Acknowledged Weak Points: variation in composition, making things too dark

Type of Critique Requested: I would like something to work on and improve!

Software: PS CS6

Most Recent Gallery Update: 2nd April 2020

Gallery Link: Gallery

Requested Time Frame: When you have time! :)


Edited by bright spark

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Artist Name: diamond.snow
Acknowledged Weak Points: (i.e., 'blending') icons, variety, text placement
Type of Critique Requested: I always have trouble putting text and people in different spots, so i feel like my graphics all look the same.  
Software: PS 2020
Most Recent Gallery Update: March 20
Gallery Link:  {without w o r d s}
Requested Time Frame: When you're free!

Edited by diamond.snow

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Artist Name: lucida. (Alli) 

Acknowledged Weak Points: Text, comp variation, sometimes making things too dark
Type of Critique Requested: Cleanout, general things I could improve on 
Software: Old Pixlr Editor (my only option) 
Most Recent Gallery Update: March 31st
Gallery Link: Gallery
Requested Time Frame: Whenever you have time!

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Artist Name: if/then

Acknowledged Weak Points: variety, clarity, composition

Type of Critique Requested: I don't really know how to translate my style to blends??? I hope that is helpful in this section. But also, a general clean-out type thing, because my eyes don't work on these anymore.

 Software: GIMP

Most Recent Gallery Update: 4/4

Gallery Link: there's easier ways to die+

Requested Time Frame: whenever!


Edited by if/then

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Artist Name: aurevoir
Acknowledged Weak Points: (i.e., 'blending') probably text / changing up comp
Type of Critique Requested: mostly just trying to get back into the grove, so things i should watch out for / should work on (I know there isn't a ton in the gallery but)
Most Recent Gallery Update: April 19th
Gallery Link:  you were good to me
Requested Time Frame: whenever :) 

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Hi Gaby! Thanks in advance :)


Artist Name: ailhsa

Acknowledged Weak Points: blending, colouring

Type of Critique Requested: All things text, composition and blending, colouring 

Software: Photoshop CC

Most Recent Gallery Update: 12th February 2020

Gallery Linkthe doctor is in

Requested Time Frame: whatever suits you

Edited by ailhsa

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Artist Name: star crossed

Acknowledged Weak Points: composition, text and coloring 

Type of Critique Requested: text, composition and colouring 

Software: GIMP 2.8

Most Recent Gallery Update: 11th may 2020

Gallery Link: forever fallen

Requested Time Frame: whatever suits you


thanks in advance lovely ❤

Edited by star crossed

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