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The Dark Arts

under lightning and thunder

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by Lola



Credits Deviantart.com: ValentinaDontiWanna,  Confidentpngs, ErenaeErae, Cypher-S, Evey-V, fairyixing,  and Vannessax17

Other resources: moodmagazine.co (Jack gilinsky photoshoot)



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Your gallery was approved, but when you get a chance please add in the Subtitle “last updated” date 😊 


Enjoy TDA! :) 

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Your bright coloring is absolutely stunning! I love the vibrant colors and the saturation. 

I adore +this signature of yours and the composition of it! 

Your gallery is so lovely to look at :hyper:

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Oh, your signatures are to die for! How do you do this sort of coloring and composition? It's brilliant and I'm jealous. The Cayrs signature is especially gorgeous and I feel like... eating it?


Dang, your talent is making me go cuckoo.

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ugh all your work is STUNNING but my absolute favorite are your blends! your texture use is next level, and i especially love +this one and +this one. the coloring is beautiful, and i love how in the "wild" one, it looks like it's in motion, and the positioning of the text behind the one flower makes it so dynamic.


beautiful work - can't wait to see more! 😍

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hello mel, nice to meet you!!


I love your stuff you have in here, omg 😍 this+ and this+ are my favourites, but it was a hard choice. I just love the monochromatic use of bright colour, and the gorgeous mood it brings to your work :loves: the comp on this+ is also amazing. looking forward to watching your stuff as you move forward!!

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