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The Dark Arts

~ this is my design

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this is perfect 
finally all your manips are in one place and i can *_* at them accordingly 

one day you will teach us HOW you do what you do, you're one of the best manip artists I know. Full stop. 
If you're thinking about dropping a tutorial, now is the time I passively beg you

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your talent is too great for this world honestly ❤️ 


I even scrolled up and down and couple of times to pick my favorite but it's impossible 😅

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Teach us your ways, oh wise one!

These are amazing! I'm still baffled as to how you make them look so good and seamless.


I love all of them. 

Omg the last one hit me in the feels. I remember the related charries back in the day on PW. 


Tamsin, you are a manip LEGEND!

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TAMSIN hello, unsurprisingly I am back to comment on this gallery as well, as promised, but I am still absolutely floored by the way you put manips together, you are absolutely phenomenal :wub: the colouring is so gorgeous, the filtering is crisp and sharp... I love it all, okay


I don't know how you do what you do, but please, for the rest of our sake's, keep doing it :loves:

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