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star crossed

[misc] The Genderswap Challenge

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Challenge Issued By: star crossed (previously by apsara.)
Challenge Title: The Genderswap Challenge
Image Size: either of the following: 1-3 700x110 banners, 110x700 vertical banners, 500x200 signatures, 380x300 CIs (mix and match allowed)
Text on image? Up to artist, but name of character should feature somewhere in the graphic
Images: (Specifics?) see below
Mood: up to artist
Animation YES/No: up to artist
OTHER: (Color, font, etc.)


For this challenge, pick up to 3 characters from a book, movie or TV show, genderswap them, then feature them in a graphic!

What do you mean by genderswapping? To genderswap a character means to flip their gender, and imagine them having a gender identity other than the one they belong to. For example, Harry Potter can become Harriet Potter, Hermione Granger can become Henry Granger and so on and so forth (genderswapped names don't always have to start with the same letter as that of their original name, these are just some examples)

The gender you are swapping your characters into doesn't have to be within the male/female binary, and trans, genderfluid, nonbinary, (and so on) identities are also very much allowed (and appreciated)!


Please remember your image code!
If you're okay with us posting this on social media (with attribution, of course!), please say so when you post your entry. Thank you!
Challenge Ends: 28th May 2020
Remember to post the image code with your entry!
[code][img=image url here][/code]

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4 hours ago, doctor ziegler said:

Question. Does it have to be a book/movie/tv show or can another medium be used like a game or comic?

It can be any fandom you choose 😊

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