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[Being Filled][open]Banner Needed for a Wacky AU story

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Whoever picks this up has my heart. Since it's a pretty complicated request I am definitely willing to let some things go and compromise. This is just a base/foundation and I'd love to see the artist spin it anyway they like. 


This is probably the longest and stupidest request I've ever posted, but if you're going to write yourself a guilty pleasure story then might as well go all the way, right?


Link to place to be used: hpft+ (M)

Text to include on graphic:  See animation...

Images to include on graphic: 



(If the images could be more candid instead of posed, like movie stills or red carpet where they weren't looking, then that would be awesome!! But it's not a big deal if you can't find images.) 

Harry Potter - Daniel Radcliffe. Two images from Prisoner of Azkaban ( one with no uniform and one where it doesn't matter) and one from one of the last three movies (doesn't matter or not for the uniform since they're harder images to find.)

Lily Evans - Anyone who looks about 35 and fits her description (caucasian please so that Harry's visible race makes sense.) Just not the movie actress. Isla Fisher is fine if you don't find anyone you like. Not too too made up is my only stipulation. She should have a baby carriage somewhere around, or a male baby in her arms. Just a baby anywhere ahaha.

James Potter the first - Anyone who looks about 35 and fits his description (glasses not needed, but can be there) as long as it's not the movie actor. If you know of any attractive tall dark Indian men, that would definitely work!! I love Indian Potters à la Upthehill.

Cedric Diggory - Robert Pattinson, of course. Images don't matter too too much as long as he looks 17-20. I'd prefer clean shaven, but it's not a must.

Oliver Wood - Max Irons. 18-22 looking.

Ron Weasley - Rupert Grint! Also a POA pic, so that he looks the same age as his best mate.




Part One ~  TEXT: This is Harry Potter. IMAGE(S): The non-uniform POA pic of Harry. 

Part Two ~ TEXT: And here's him and his best mate, Ron. He's like a brother to him. IMAGE(S): The other POA pic of Harry and a POA pic of Ron.

Part Three ~ TEXT: This is his family. His parents, Lily and James, and his brother, Seb. IMAGE(S): The Potter family sans (without) Harry. 

Part Four ~ TEXT: The Potters are loud and so are the Weasleys. Sometimes the only place to find quiet is with Harry's old quidditch captain.

Part Five ~ TEXT: But hanging around Oliver and Cedric's comes with its own set of challenges. IMAGE(S): Cedric and Oliver, wearing their winning smiles. 

Part Six ~ TEXT: Particularly for the couple, when Harry grows up to look like this... IMAGE(S): The second older pic of Harry, looking as handsome as you can.

Part Seven ~ TEXT: title - Their Little Brother. subtext - A wild tale of relationships in all of their forms. My penname ~ by ImaRavenclaw


I have no preferences for transitions of font. Just do whatever's easiest or comes naturally. 



Dimensions: 700 X 110

Additional information: This is just a goofed up self-indulgent story. The characters should all be pretty happy or neutral looking. As long as no one looks visibly upset then it's all fine hahaha. I'd really like gold and red colours as accents (with mostly really light blue as the main colouring), since Harry, Oliver, and Ron are Gryffies and Cedric is a Puff. But honestly since this request is already so specific then, as long as things a fluffy, the artist has free reign over the colouring!! The above is pretty much just a suggestion for the colours. I just want it to be bright and fun. Feel free to play around with it. I'm really not picky. Feel free to add lots of details and any objects/backgrounds/images that you think make sense. 


Thanks again you lovely human ❤️

Edited by ImaRavenclaw

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Hello! :) 

Is this request still needed? 

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