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prea's critiques~

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Hello all! 


For those who don't know me, I'm Prea~ and for people who do, hi! 


I used to have one of these threads a long while back and it was really fun/nice to help others as best as I could. I really want to do it again so here we go! 


Please fill out the form below and make note of the description for this thread. I'll update it with availabilities as I can only realistically take 2 at a time.


[b]Artist Name[/b]:
[b]Acknowledged Weak Points[/b]: (i.e., 'blending')
[b]Type of Critique Requested[/b]: (i.e., 'my banners always come out cluttered - how can i prevent that from happening?')
[b]Software[/b]: (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, etc...)
[b]Most Recent Gallery Update[/b]: (i.e., date)
[b]Gallery Link[/b]: [url=LINKHERE]Gallery[/url]
[b]Requested Time Frame[/b]:
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Artist Name: Ashley

Acknowledged Weak Points: banners, text

Type of Critique Requested: general, what I can do to get better

Software: Photoshop

Most Recent Gallery Update: 6.18.20

Gallery Link: here

Requested Time Frame: whenever!


Thank you!!!

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Artist Name: Meghan
Acknowledged Weak Points: text, composition
Type of Critique Requested: clean-out, tips and tricks to improve
Software: Photoshop CS6
Most Recent Gallery Update: 7/14/20
Gallery Link: [url=https://the-dark-arts.org/forums/index.php?/topic/100456-if-only-i-could-be-so-grossly-incandescent/]Gallery[/url]
Requested Time Frame: take all the time you need

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