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Pasting on the Forums

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I’ve noticed recently that quite a few people have had issues with pasting code, images and links on the forums. When we did a major update at the end of 2018, it changed the way things paste and made it so much more difficult to get it to do what you want. So this is going to be a guide on how to get things to paste how you want.


When you paste code into the post box, it will keep its original formatting. That is, that it also includes the box (like this) or a rectangle around your code (like this). 
If that happens, you can click the bar at the bottom to convert it to plain text. Or you can paste it as plain text by doing Crtl + Shift + v or Cmd + Shift + v
Alternatively, you can just type the code out yourself (with your code tags), but that’s going to be annoying when doing long code (such as posting a challenge), so I would advise pasting as plain text for that. For entering challenges, I would recommend typing it yourself because it makes pasting the image link a lot easier.


When putting image links into code, even if you paste it as plain text, if you have any text (like the ] that goes after the link) already typed in immediately after where you’re pasting, it won’t paste as plain text and will embed into the post. This is why I suggest typing it out for entering challenge. Either that, or remove the final ] before pasting your image link. The same goes for any other kind of link on the forums.

When you’re just pasting your image link in (i.e PYLC or your challenge entry above your code), you will have the same issues as when pasting it in the code, the above paragraph applies. I do also want to mention that if you just paste the image link with no coding around it, it will embed into the post which is just uploading it directly to TDA, so if you were to copy the image address, it would link to TDA, not to wherever you uploaded it.

Pasting links is a lot like pasting image links (because they’re both links), but they embed as a preview of a post. Even if you paste the link as plain text, it will still embed. There are only two ways that it won’t.

The first is that you have already started typing in your code (i.e [url=) and then you paste your link as plain text.

The second is to use the link button on the editor and fill that in with the link you want and the text that will show. You can also type your display text first, highlight it and then click the link button.

If you’ve pasted your link without code and it embedded and then you clicked the ‘display as link instead’ that  appears at the bottom of the editor, it will appear as a link that has the pasted URL as the display text. To undo that, highlight the link and use the remove format button on the editor. You can then add your code around it. 


Helpful Codes

[code]CODE HERE[/code]
[url=URL HERE]Display Text[/url]

Tips and Tricks

When you're pasting two image codes in a row and want a space between them, the first will turn into a link instead of staying as plain text. To combat this, hold shift while you press space. 

If you can, always type your code out rather than pasting it. It makes life so much easier and your links will play nicely.

Sometimes, when a link embeds, you can undo it using Ctrl + Z/Cmd + Z and it will unembed.

If you're having some issues getting things to paste nicely (or some have had some embed and you've undone then, I recommend selecting the whole post before posting it, copying it and then pasting the whole thing as plain text (assuming it's all in code and not done using the editor buttons). That will make sure it all works.


If you have any questions/other pasting issues you want help with, post below!

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