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Hi, I'm Ana. I use Photoshop CC.

Newer stuff is near the top of each section.

































Please let me know if you spot something that isn't credited!


4mira @ DA | 83days @ DA | 9-liters-of-art @ DA | amidnighteaparty @ DA | abbysidian @ DA | accioglow @ DA | adictedd199 @ DA | admiremystyle @ DA | alkindii @ DA | alleymcallister@ DA | annoyss @ DA | arghus @ DA | artinthevein @ DA | artwebbo @ DA | asunder @ DA | believeisloud @ DA | bessy02 @ DA | bi01 @ Tumblr | bluedaubs @ DA | bmltextures @ DA | butterphil @ DA | byserenae @ DA | camilibot @ DA | constellationey @ DA | cataclysmicly @ DA | cypher-s @ DA | dianafletcher @ DA | dontayyy @ DA | doomslock @ DA | duck-goes-quack @ DA | effinbeast @ Tumblr | emsigtimes @ Tumblr | evey-v @ DA | exoyeol @ DA | fiction-saviour @ DA | fyeahkpopedits @ DA | herrondale @ DA | impossiblyamelia @ DA | imwandere @ DA | kosmic-love @ DA | kosmicki @ DA | krypteriahg @ DA | ll-aranza-ll @ DA | longlongwaydown @ DA | maybe-bec @ DA | maeappleseed @ DA | mellowmint @ DA | misspaniac @ DA | misssnoopy25 @ DA | mrs-padfoot @ DA | msmelark @ DA | newmeen @ DA | northerndawn @ DA | nyvelvet @ DA | oh-nargles @ Tumblr | ohnonsense @ DA | ortizjuice @ Tumblr | peynetrada @ DA | pinkybarbie @ DA | planetsbend05 @ DA | poedameron-tumblr @ DA | powderedarsenic @ DA | prankcallswp @ DA | psychadeliachild @ DA | qhaines @ DA | qyuri @ DA | ravenorlov @ DA | reeawhatever @ DA | reidscrotch @ DA | rosebein @ DA | royalites @ DA | rubyrises @ DA | sabinefischer @ DA | seunghor @ DA | slayground @ Tumblr | sweet-season @ DA | sweetxpie @ DA | sysop @ Flickr | tanja92 @ DA | thinkgaytiss @ DA | tugcepir @ DA | valeryscolors @ DA | vanillaisyummy @ DA | veryhapppypanda @ DA | viktroy @ DA | vikyvampires90 @ DA | vMari @ DA | waitingonhr @ DA | wicked-fate @ DA | xlauraa @ DA | zinszerlina @ DA




nVpnk5Q.png jBAVMb.png

Lgwchyj.png FUMHcO.png

awards by Lola. (march '21, dec. '20) and hamylton. (jan. '21, sept. '20)



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I love your gallery! The texture use and composition on your signatures is fantastic! I also really love your fanmix, the text choice is fab. 

I cant wait to see what you make next ❤️

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Your signatures are amazing! I love your texture use and the coloring in your graphics are so pleasant on the eyes. ❤️  Hoping to see more!!!! My favorite graphic is the Park Aerin sig. ❤️

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Hey Ana!  I saw you post in a challenge and thought your style seemed familiar and I was right!  (It's Rowan from HNZ :P  Hi!)


Speaking of, I absolutely love your style!  Your composition is gorgeous and your colouring is dreamy.  I don't know how to put this in words properly the "particle effects" you've used (the petals in Rhiannon's sig are the clearest example of what I mean) do a great job of tying elements together and making it look cohesive.  Think my favourites overall are Aerin and Aaliyah :) 

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Edna - Thank you!! I really try to make my coloring bold but not garish, so I'm glad you like it!


pootje - Rowan!! Hi! Thank you for the lovely comment. I can definitely be particular about making sure colors/textures are spread out evenly so that everything looks cohesive, so I'm glad someone noticed!

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Hi Ana! Just wanted to drop by with a quick comment! 

I love love your blend. The pink and blue look so nice together and I really like the way you did the text!

My others favorites are +this and +this as the comp & depth are especially nice! 

& I really like your chapter images. I never know what to do with those and your texture use really works well!

The coloring +here is also really nice, I love the golds!

Can't wait to see more <33 

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Hi Ana, I’m here for your winter critique. I love your use of lighting textures it makes your graphics look soft and shiny. If I had to pick out one piece which I think is one of your best pieces is +this. Everything about it is super pretty. The colours and the text work so well together.



Since you only have two examples I can only give you some tips and tricks on how to make your banners even better. I love your ‘stargirl’ banner. The comp and colours are beautiful and everything works well together.


My tips are:

Try and include more than two people – Including more people can make a banner feel more complete especially if you have different sizes and poses. Finding models with different poses definitely adds more depth compared to a front face model.


Try various different compositions – Composition means making everything work well together but it can now mean different placements of models and text to get everything to work well together. Try placing your focal point or text to the left or the right. Place a model upside down. Try and be different from the standard expectation. (More on compositions later).


Try a different moods – If you find yourself making something which is always bright then change it up and make something dark. It is better to have a range of skills rather than just being able to make one type, especially if you are keen on filling requests.


Branch out and try just making a stock filled or texture filled one – Creating a banner with just one or the other can really help you experiment and get you to work on your placements and focal points. Do not be afraid to experiement.



I’ve noticed with your text it seems to be similar in style, with a slight drop shadow and either an outline or gradient. To get inspiration on text I would suggest looking at what other artists do with text on their graphics (and save the ones you like for future reference). It is the best way to learn new techniques. Experiment with new and interesting fonts such as ones on Dafont or alternatively I created a large font pack +here which may be of some use.


One tip is to not use the drop shadow in the effects menu, instead duplicate the text, change the colour and then position it out the side of the text above. If you have it in a contrasting colour from your graphic it can make it pop. The same thing works if you use an outline on the top text. Instead of using a gradient map or gradient for your text, I find the best way is to create a new layer and use a soft brush. Select the colour of your text then choose a dark variant of that colour and brush it over the bottom of your text. Do the same for a light colour and then create a clipping mask. This is an easy way to give your text a new look.



As I said before you can create some very interesting compositions that help everything in your graphics work well together. I have a tutorial +here that may help you better understand what I mean as well as a few other things. The key to make your compositions seem less boring is just to experiment. Try something no other artist has done before. Don’t be afraid of getting out of your comfort zone. If you want to try making something with new textures then go for it. Found new model images you want use then use them. You would be surprised how much finding new things will make your compositions less boring. Different poses by models can help also give your graphics depth too. You can find HQ models packs +here and you can find some new textures from +one or +two.


Complete graphics

After scrolling through your gallery, I can understand what you mean by not having what looks like a finished or complete graphic. It feels as if there is something missing. Some of your graphics have good filtering and other looks a little pixelated around the edges. A way I minimise pixilation around models when sharpening, especially if I have hard cut them myself, I will blur the layer mask. This softens the cut edges and therefore minimises pixilation. Another way to reduce it is to group everything together except your text and colouring layers (hide them by clicking on the eye tool by the side of those layers) and use ctrl + shift + alt + E to create a grouped layer. This is the layer you apply your filtering too and reduce the opacity slightly.


Another way to make your graphic look more complete is to change up the colouring. At the moment your colouring’s look a little bit lack lustre and faded. Similar to a picture which has been bleached by the sun. A way you can make things pop is to use a vibrance layer. Bright punchy graphics seem to be a trend right now. Although it is not a bad thing to have the colouring you do. It works with some of your graphics. I love +this graphics as the colouring looks rather natural and the colours pop. In some of your other graphics the skin tones do not look natural as they are either too blue or too orange/yellow such as +here. I’d watch your colouring when it comes to skin tones. I’d try experimenting with different colourings. I created a tutorial which details different colouring tools +here which may be of some use to you.


Once again look and see what other artists do to make their graphics look more complete. To finish off my graphics I do my colouring and filtering. This consists of adding a curves layer to darken the darks and brightens the lights (giving it more depth), then I use selective colours to colour it (again making sure my skin tones look natural) and to finish off and make my graphics look shiny I use a black and white gradient on soft light. I’d suggest trying different things until you find something which works for you. It takes time to get into doing your graphics a set way. Again, save the graphics from other artists you like and try and draw inspiration from them.


Mini Challenge

Since you have lots of signatures with two people, only one person on your CI’s and two people on your banners, I would like you to create a signature or chapter image or banner which has 4 people. I want you to also make it with a bright, vibrant colouring which pops. I want you to use a new font as well as trying to make an interesting composition. Get out of your comfort zone.


I hope this critique has helped you in some way. If you have any questions about anything I have mentioned then feel free to PM me.



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klutzy_kara - You're so kind, thank you so much for the very sweet comment ❤️


bewitching. - Wow, I am so grateful you took the time to give me such detailed feedback. The text tips are very helpful — I never thought of manually coloring in the gradient or adding the drop shadow. Also I think you're right about the coloring and filtering being the reason why my graphics don't look as "complete." I've been trying to use more vibrancy lately, which has definitely helped, and will continue to experiment with that (plus composition). Thank you again for doing this critique!! I really appreciate it ❤️ 

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hi ana, nice to meet you!! 


I was just browsing galleries and stumbled across yours and really wanted to leave a comment 💗 your texture use is fantastic, and I like the dynamic poses you always choose for your models! I absolutely love this+ signature, as well as this+ and this+. I feel like they all have different moods, and yet showcase your style well. I can't wait to see what you get up to next!!

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hi ana! just wanted to stop by and say congrats on your promotion! looking at your gallery i can see how well deserved it was! 😍


i love how vibrant your colors are, especially in your signatures! +this is one of my favorites! you created such depth with the composition and varying the sizes of the people, and the texture use is just so lovely as well! it's clear you love working with bright colors but even in sigs like +this one, where it's a little more subdued, the coloring is still gorgeous. +this is beautiful - i love how you put the one picture in the frame like that, and the pink/blue coloring is to gorgeous! i also especially love the text in +this banner - it works so well. the texture use and the composition are also so beautiful.


can't wait to see what else you create 

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hi ana!!  i saw someone squee the sig you made for janessa and just had to stop by and oh my gosh everything is so pretty here! your signatures especially are just so beautiful i'm absolutely in love!! the colours in your gallery are so beautiful too???? i really am extra in love with this+ and this+, the text on the chapter image is just so fun and the blend is just so clever i'm obsessed what an amazing use of the images!! 


i can't wait to see more 🥰

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@iron man - Hey Jess, nice to meet you too! I feel like I had a ~graphics breakthrough~ when I stopped using only front-facing models, so it's good to hear the change is being noticed. Thank you for the lovely comment!! ❤️


@kalopsia - I am very late to this, but thank you Audrey!! I've been working on my coloring, so I'm glad to hear you like it! The comment means a lot, especially coming from someone who always has such gorgeous, dreamy coloring 💖


@winter bear. - Hey Sarah!! The day you made your post, I was actually having a pretty terrible day at work. I logged onto TDA later that night and saw your comment, which instantly made me smile and feel better. Thank you 🥰 

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